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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » CIT Bankruptcy, 9 US Banks seized by FDIC, & Main St. Bleeds.

CIT Bankruptcy, 9 US Banks seized by FDIC, & Main St. Bleeds.

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  1. Are we slowly learning the REAL reason the banks got bailed out?? (FDIC insolvency)? FDIC is going to BORROW money in order to insure accounts. Well if the people that INSURE THE BANK ACCOUNTS...

  2. what are the reason, why do banks leads to bankruptcy?? what are the solution? i need an immediate answer..? ...

  3. donald trump a Four Time Bankruptcy Filer and birther Kook Idiot and birther Kook don trump has filed for Bankruptcy four times, to date, and there may be more...

  4. What are the main powers and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System? 2) Some economists argue that deregulating the interest rates that could be paid on deposits combined with deposit insurance led...

  5. I am short selling my main residence. Will I pay capital gain tax? I live in California (it’s a non recourse state). I am short selling my main residence for $125,000 less than...

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25 Responses to "CIT Bankruptcy, 9 US Banks seized by FDIC, & Main St. Bleeds."

  1. junevi2000 says:
    Not so many have known that one of the biggest bankruptcy filing in US history was CIT filing for Bankruptcy. It was done on Sunday 1 November 2009 when people are busy with other things but was never repeated on mainstream news on other days of the week as if it never happened.
  2. loai050 says:
    Unemployment was worse and the market is higher.
  3. fatboysarebetter says:
    I have been unemployed for over a year now, but I do not count on their statistics because I am not a Citizen and I can not get any unemployment money or help from the Government.
  4. fatboysarebetter says:
    Can you name ONE world leader or president that NEVER lied to the people? it is about making sure people do not panic here, the economy looks dire we all know that but please allow us to grasp on to the little hope we can, even if they are a lie.
  5. AlbertInSanAntonio says:
    LOL a donkey standing on a elephant
  6. mitchrix31 says:
    ya i do thanks for your concern
  7. jhi1947 says:
    mitchrix31 _ sure hope that you feel better after the profanity laced tirade.
  8. Ira0321 says:
    wow i’m subscribing you are good
  9. MayonR says:
    In this final hour it is imperative we unite despite our differences.We must educate this upcoming generation the principles the US was founded on, Austrian principles of economics,the things that the US did wrong recently and in the last 100 years, how we have incrementally been stripped of our rights. In this upcoming generation we can take back the US or lose it. Research and teach the enviro movement and the motives behind it. This gen can be the enlightened or welfare educated. Time2unite
  10. SaborCaracter says:
    Once again you are completely RIGHT.
  11. HipHopCoffeeLover says:
    visionvictory, you speak with great calm and certainty in your voice..your demeanor is professional.. but still, you are completly wrong.
  12. mitchrix31 says:
    First off fuck ron paultards. Next, fuck victoy for saying the system was definatley gonna collapse in feb of 08. Next fuck all of you right wing, ayn rand retards that thing the free market is real. I wipe my ass with your manifesto. Cuz im a REAL ANARCHIST
  13. x11115 says:
    If your still confused just pull up a graph of dept to gdp. the percentage of debt to gdp is set to go over 100% of gdp thanks to bad monetary policy, government spending, the fed pumping money into wallstreet…
  14. x11115 says:
    you may laugh at this but I’m very serious. I have some videos saved of Nostradamus in my profile you might want to take seriously. Obama could be the 3rd anti-crist after Napoleon and Hitler. Mabus which decoded in the Nostradamus word game prophecy could mean Obama. Any way you look at it bad times are coming. The economy has been catapulted into a debt spiral by our government.
  15. x11115 says:
    very true money will be the least of your worries but hierarchy of needs will. psychology (breathing, food, water, ect) in other words survival comes first. if you survive worry about gold and wealth later. the last time a huge crash like this occurred Hitler rose to power. In Germany undesirables were put in concentration camps (rich ones too). Even if you are able to “stash” some gold it doesn’t mean you won’t suffer consequences of any kind of an apocalypse.
  16. Patriotgal1 says:
    Sorry, last line should read ,”we’ve done pretty good, eh?” My apologies.
  17. Patriotgal1 says:
    KEEP your Gold. And Silver. And PROTECT it. That means guns and Lead. When $1=0, you will be glad that you are part of the 1% that DID SOMETHING! CYA!
    (I’ve been OUT of the banks for 2 years. Except for a 6 week supply of FRN’s in the bank, EVERYTHING is in metal. (FYI- I have been “buying” metal since High School, when I bought a silver dollar every Sat, after payday on Fri.. Thank you, Dad, for the advise. We’ve pretty good, eh???
  18. jjenson2006 says:
    Obama did create a million jobs.

    500,000 jobs digging holes and 500,000 jobs to refill them.

  19. moreSmartLessStupid says:
    So if the dollar collapses, where am I suppose to put my gold if I do invest in it. And how close would we be to martial law if it does? Had this conversation at work and people were telling me money would be the least of your worries.
  20. lilidk6150 says:
    I think, after FED announcement that they will keep interest rate, everybody just start prepares for bad job report on Friday. They sad real estate has improved so I bought SRS at 9.82 and I close all my longs
  21. Trazom24 says:
    WTF kind of action is that on the markets today?

    Up at the bell, rose in anticipation of Fed meeting, crashed immediately after, went up again (higher this time), then crashed again in the last half hour. Make any sense?

  22. lilidk6150 says:
    It is time to start short this market, be ready to buy gold on deep
  23. karenbcz22 says:
    Do you think it’s too late to buy Silver Bars?
  24. chiyerano says:
    I know how gold fluctuates. This is true of just about everything in the market. I am not really bothering with stocks right now, as I am mainly concerned about the long term value of my savings at this time. Plus, I plan to use these metals for other things besides selling them for money, jewelry, and forms of payment.
  25. 1969socrates says:
    If we are going to have a marketcrash anyway
    then real state is the biggest risk.
    tip;just wait for more inflation coming.

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