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COD Income on Personal Residences.wmv

discusses the tax consequence of forgiveness of dept involving the foreclosure or short sale of a principal residence.


  1. Income, Expenses, And Exemptions: Ways that A Personal Bankruptcy Attorney Can Support In case you are having financial difficulties a bankruptcy attorney can usually assist. Bankruptcy provides a new monetary start for...

  2. Refi, Short-Sale of personal property? I purchased a home for 156k. At the selling of the short-sale, I owed 164k. The house sold for 60k...

  3. Is there a new foreclosure law stating a deficiency by a short sale on a primary residence is forgiven? I keep hearing about a new law, that might be part of a presidential order, forgiving the short sale deficiency...

  4. New Tax Rules for Short Sales – Foreclosures Suzy explains the past tax consequenses of a short sale and how the new “Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act...

  5. Capital Redevelopment Group – Foreclosure Process Review Capital Redevelopment Group – Foreclosure Process Review Do You Owe more than Your Home is Worth ? Loan Modification...

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