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Comp Sci Programming Grade…?

We were assigned a program in computer science recently and it involved making art with java (I’m not sure of the technical term; we created classes like “Circle” and “Rectangle” and made class extensions to make animated art, and we could import Photoshopped pictures as well. Sorry if this explanation was confusing). There was a lot of optional extra credit, and I spent many hours doing all of it. However, my final grade was only a 99; I had gotten 40 points counted off:

All Classes Implemented
5/5: Drawable Interface
5/5: Circle
5/5: Filled Circle
5/5: Rectangle
5/5: Filled Rectangle
0/10: Your original class (-10: nothing too original)
5/5: Use at least one circle
5/5: Uses at least one rectangle
0/20: Creativity (-20: totally random)

49/20: Animation (-10: none of these are used in context )
5: Growth/Shrinking
7: Linear Trajectory
10: Parabolic Trajectory
12: Circular/Oval Trajectory
25: Sinusoidal Trajectory
Coding Style
5/5: Indentation/Variable Names
10/10: Comments
99/100: TOTAL

My program wasn’t really that random. I was trying to be creative. Many people tell me that randomness is my way of being creative. My “nothing too original” class was apparently too boring or something, and I can understand that. Also, the “none of these are used in context” is just another way to harp on me for being “totally random”. I can’t even be myself without getting points deducted? Furthermore, many kids did models of the solar system, while I at least attempted something original. Do you think I should talk to my teacher? I spent a long time coming up with an idea and programming, and I think my grade should’ve been higher.
A 99 in this case is not very high, as a lot of other people got well above 100 for this assignment. I’m very concerned about my grade in this class because I do not do very well on tests. These extra points are crucial since my parents will only let me do marching band next year if I get straight A’s Right now, I have a low B in this class. Next year is also the year we go on a big trip (to Disney for a week), and band is the only way I can contact many of my closest friends since I am in a magnet program at school (and AP Comp Sci is one of the classes) and don’t have many classes with them :(

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes I made.


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One Response to "Comp Sci Programming Grade…?"

  1. Fowler Fan says:
    It’s hard to say – you know your teach better than anyone else. I had some teachers that were fine when you asked for a review. Then I had some who said that they would review marks, but would also lower your mark if they felt they had been too generous. So it can vary from teacher to teacher.

    I would probably avoid mentioning your trip to Disney if you talk to them.

    As to whether it was creative or not – that’s all relative. Your teacher has seen a lot of these projects, and in their mind, you may not be original. That’s different to being original in your mind.

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