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Condos Foreclosures: Ideal for Vacation Home Buyers

With the decline of the US dollar, the decrease in the prices of homes and condos went along with it. Because of houses foreclosures as well as the condos foreclosures, a lot of international buyers were able to purchase houses and properties in the United States. In Florida alone, 22 percent of Florida’s home and condos were bought by non-US residents. These people, most times, have access to public listing foreclosures, especially the list of the properties in Florida, to purchase the houses or condos.

It has also been stated by the National Association of Realtors, or the NAR, that $ 41 billion was spent nationwide on properties by people who live outside of the US and its underlying states. In Florida alone, 90,000 homes are owned by people who are permanent residents of other countries. It is a fact that these public listing foreclosures served as a big help to these foreign investors to be able to purchase a place in the US. Not only did the decline of the US dollar help, but foreclosures offer them a home at just a fraction of the market price.

On the other hand, some investors, who didn’t want to spend so much, settled for condos foreclosures since the property will serve as a vacation house, or something they can rent out for extra money. Plus, it is also easier to attain a US visa with all the different kinds of visa programs the US embassy is offering.

Public listing foreclosures are in demand, especially in the international market, to gain easy access to the United States. Whether you plan to stay long term or you plan to use your home as a vacation house, condos foreclosures will help you find the best home you can ever purchase at a very low cost.

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