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Congressman Filner on Banks Foreclosing on Servicemembers

JP Morgan broke the law and someone should go to jail for foreclosing on our active duty military men and women. Here’s more of what Congressman Filner said about the banks treatment of our troops on KUSI.


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3 Responses to "Congressman Filner on Banks Foreclosing on Servicemembers"

  1. punkrockparents says:
    How is it that this vid has had 5,716 views and only one comment other than my own? I find THAT hard to believe.
  2. punkrockparents says:
    Okay, so let me get this straight…the people are away fighting wars to earn money and resources and expand the empire for these investment banksters (under the guise of fighting terrorism and spreading democracy), and while they are away, risking their lives for this noble cause, the very banksters they are fighting for are stealing their homes?! LULZ!
  3. Dehzee says:
    It seems to me that these banksters are feeling that they can screw the American public any way they want, that they fund and therefore own almost all the politicians, so why even pretend? They do what ever they want to whomever they want. Right now they have a hard on to screw the American people and they appear to work at it with a vengeance.

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