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Consolidation of student loans?

So here’s the deal… I’m 21, married, have a 7 month old son, and will be graduating in a year and a half (hopefully with an accounting degree). I’m getting mailed all these “deals” about consolidating my loans. Is there a catch? Are they really good deals? Some of them say to “consolidate by June 1 to lock in low rates.” Are the rates really going to get high enough to seriously consider consolidation? Should I do it while I’m still in school? What about refinancing… is it an option? I’ve reviewed some of the other questions on this topic, so please try to be specific to my particular situation. Thanks


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3 Responses to "Consolidation of student loans?"

  1. pianist says:
    read the fine prints. some of them says ?# of months then it will tie to the prime rate. or if you are late in paying your payment, you will be paying very very high interest rate on your unpaid portion. so be very careful
  2. Thinker says:
    Student loans are usually a pretty good deal. Wait until you graduate. After you have a job, if you still want to refi, you’ll find much better deals.

    Best of success.

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