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Corruption in the government?

I work around some people who think that our government is corrupt. Obviously I know that we aren’t perfect in government, however, I have heard that not only was our own government responsible for 9/11 but also they have way of controlling the weather with a program called HARP..Not only that, but they go as far to say that our government is controlled from a smaller group of people called the Illuminati…Now, I don’t know what to make of all this..Too much too fast for me LOL…Anyway, what do you think about this? And do you have anything extra to add?


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3 Responses to "Corruption in the government?"

  1. Bianca Esposito says:
    i think that the government keeps too many secrets from the public, and when the public finds out all of these secrets at once, itll be too much to handle, and a revolt will start, and that will be world war three….and with our weapons and machinery today the world as we know it will end and explode from human bombs..
  2. Dennis says:
    Crazy conspiracy theorists at it again. Our Government is deeply corrupt but not because of some Illuminati, it’s because of all the money that come from lobbyists and big banks that buy our politicians.
  3. Brian says:
    It is obvious that the Media is bias in helping all these Zionist criminals in the government, look at the latest poll:

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