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Corzine’s Mafia Ties to Obama Leave Celente & MF Global Clients Wondering 1/2

On the Monday, November 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex hosts from the road. He talks with noted trends forecaster Gerald Celente about the latest info emerging on the MF Global swindle and an article published by Forbes over the weekend accusing Celente and Jones of attempting to start a bank run by encouraging people to take their money out of banks and put it in gold and silver. http National Inflation Association Corzine is without a doubt directly responsible for the $600 million in missing funds, but because he regularly has $35800 per plate fundraisers for Obama, he remains free while Celente and other MF Global clients are left wondering if they will ever see their money again. Interestingly, when MF Global had their latest bond offering, it said right in the prospectus that if Corzine was appointed by Obama to become Treasury Secretary and confirmed by Congress, those MF Global investors would receive 1% in extra interest on their bonds. The only good thing that will come out of MF Global’s bankruptcy is that Corzine now has no chance of becoming Treasury Secretary and bankrupting our country in less than two years like he did to MF Global and almost did to the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the US will likely experience hyperinflation in less than two years no matter who is Treasury Secretary, because we are at a point where our debt can only be paid back through monetization by the Federal Reserve.

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23 Responses to "Corzine’s Mafia Ties to Obama Leave Celente & MF Global Clients Wondering 1/2"

  1. JusticeForPinoys says:
    These Liberal Democraps say they’re for the interest of the small people? This is how Low Life Lying Thief Corzine does it.
  2. JusticeForPinoys says:
    I enjoy watching these liberals downfall. With all honesty, i wish all of them to fail and to live a life of misery.
  3. JanRichardus says:
    @blkcolas Thx for the tip, but I am having fun “playing their game” the fuckers. Be save
    ps; great stuff at: “zerohedge” and “banned-in-america net”
  4. blkcolas says:
    @JanRichardus – Office Depot or Ebay sells rubber stamps “not at this address”.
  5. richardsharp75 says:
    @donniebrasco24 Same as you, plus agricultural land: rubber, sugar and rice…I live in SE Asia. Still, you wouldn’t expect money to be stolen from an account in such a brazen way. Just the beginning, I think.
  6. ThoughtCrime1011 says:
    Time to occupy Goldman Sachs! Occupy Corzine’s house! Occupy Ben Shalom Bernanke’s house! Occupy Hankenstein Paulson’s house!

    If they take your house illegally through fraud, why not take theirs?



  7. DesertRose0829 says:
    @austinmartintx I know what is zionism. Also, you cant tell me if I deserve to have an opinion about Palestine. I will have one you like it or not. The Jewish gvnt or Israel you know the land of the cowards, they kill innocent palestinians because they live on the land they have stolen from them. You know after WWII. My father went to war in WWII and he told me that it was too bad Hitler didn’t finish them off. I don’t know why he said it. I think my father knew something was wrong.
  8. crashlight1 says:
    Scales are tipping aren’t they?
  9. DailyNewsCast says:
    Where’s the Cash Corzine?

    {{{{ visit infowarrior76(dot)com }}}}

    NEWS for people who are AWAKE

  10. grady1610 says:
    @godbluffvdgg child support cleaned me out last week – that was my handi-cap sisters money.
  11. JanRichardus says:
    @blkcolas Not knocking it . Stealth is good!
  12. GalacticVacuum says:
    Wall Street Boyz Occupy MF Global..Celente Too!
  13. He101A says:
    Wait a minute, didn’t Gerald Celente tell us not to put money into Wall Street? According to what he did, he entrusted his money to these Wall Street people when he told us to get our money out of Wall Street. Isn’t Gerald being a little hypocritical here?
  14. blkcolas says:
    @JanRichardus – Stealth job, bank, references, phones, and assets. They’ll think that you died. They won’t sue stealth, wont waste their money and time.
  15. JanRichardus says:
    @blkcolas Not really.
    1) Visualize-Accept the worst case scenario (they usually never materialize)
    2) Be immune to intimidation.
    3) Call their bluff,(say and do nothing) or just tell them to “fuck off”.
  16. JanRichardus says:
    @godbluffvdgg I call their bluff by saying only two words : “fuck off”. Peace brother.
  17. donniebrasco24 says:
    @richardsharp75 I have been and continue to buy only physical,if he had done so as well, hed still have his 150k. what are you doing?
  18. macklen2 says:
    @MrRedway1 Me too. Scary funny, I would not go to blows with Joe Pesci, or Celente, BTW.
    I hope he gets his dough back, but I know better.
  19. ImDavidGurney says:
    it’s also too bad that Jimmy Cagney isn’t around for Never Steal Anything Small.
  20. ImDavidGurney says:
    Too bad JIimmy Dean is no longer around to do Big Bad Jon.
  21. blkcolas says:
    @JanRichardus – Only works if you remain absolutely stealth.
  22. MrRedway1 says:
    @Brettjet4realz OIC :)
  23. MrRedway1 says:
    @macklen2 I love that movie lol

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