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Corzine’s Mafia Ties to Obama Leave Celente & MF Global Clients Wondering 2/2

On the Monday, November 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex hosts from the road. He talks with noted trends forecaster Gerald Celente about the latest info emerging on the MF Global swindle and an article published by Forbes over the weekend accusing Celente and Jones of attempting to start a bank run by encouraging people to take their money out of banks and put it in gold and silver. http National Inflation Association Corzine is without a doubt directly responsible for the $600 million in missing funds, but because he regularly has $35800 per plate fundraisers for Obama, he remains free while Celente and other MF Global clients are left wondering if they will ever see their money again. Interestingly, when MF Global had their latest bond offering, it said right in the prospectus that if Corzine was appointed by Obama to become Treasury Secretary and confirmed by Congress, those MF Global investors would receive 1% in extra interest on their bonds. The only good thing that will come out of MF Global’s bankruptcy is that Corzine now has no chance of becoming Treasury Secretary and bankrupting our country in less than two years like he did to MF Global and almost did to the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the US will likely experience hyperinflation in less than two years no matter who is Treasury Secretary, because we are at a point where our debt can only be paid back through monetization by the Federal Reserve.

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24 Responses to "Corzine’s Mafia Ties to Obama Leave Celente & MF Global Clients Wondering 2/2"

  1. jsmith2144 says:
    celente is pissed
  2. CTyreR says:
    Everybody needs to listen to Gerald Celente,at least this particular episode/segment. For me and many others im sure. Gerald is one of THE most credible and PROVEN researchers of finance and geopolitics of the past decade!
  3. frankthetank112244 says:
    i love his cop and baton chant….bring it on Gerry!!!!
  4. sirtechy says:
    Gerald on a Rant=Priceless!
  5. brettux says:
    Love the shout out to the police Gerald :)
  6. blueyedone13 says:
  7. GalacticVacuum says:
    Wall Street Boyz Occupy MF Global..Celente Too!
  8. LadyBuggin777 says:
    @tompatomp 4:55 … and he is right!!!
  9. znuff2able says:
    bam-cool-party up-not down-
  10. billhed405 says:
    @AHAH1010 I know it. I’m by no means a racist but these idiots are fucking the world over. With our consent.
  11. MyTube22T says:
    ROFL Go Gerald!
  12. olofpalme63 says:
  13. AHAH1010 says:
    its these fuckin jews thats responsible, the fuckin jews control everything, they are a vermin and a cancer on this earth, and they need too be dealt with.
  14. skitchem says:
    It Amazes me how these Globalists, and everyone of these nobodies and pieces of human trash, these criminals keep lying and talking shit. They act like pussies, sooks and cowards. They have no credibility and i laugh at the useless filth. America thanks to Obama is a disgrace, so many politicians are crooks, the MSM Rats and weasels running their mouths off talking shit. Everyone of these individuals are human trash and People have had enough of them. Its over.
  15. rockinmusicman says:
    LOL I just laugh my ass off when he tells the police that they’re going to lose their pensions .Its the same in Britain the cops think they are in a different boat to everyone else.It just proves over the last few years they have got rid of the good police officers to hire brainwashed ones the Political correct ones do whatever they are told because they are now braindead
  16. tompatomp says:
    LOL I just laugh my ass off when he tells the police that they’re going to lose their pensions at 4:45 .
  17. Stevie68000 says:
    Enemy of Greece, Ireland,Italy,Spain & USA – Jew

    1.Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein – Jew

    2.IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky - Jew

    3.Ex IMF CEO, Dominic Strauss - Jew

    4.World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick-Jew

    5.Ex World Bank CEO, James Woolfesen-Jew

    6.Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke-Jew

    7.Ex Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan-Jew

    8.Obama Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner - Jew

    9.George Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson- Jew

  18. tubo100110 says:
    Gerald Celente and Alex Jones / Good conbination to cover all we need to know!
    Cant thank- you enough for your information. I lissen all day long. and I’m amaized
    of every isue. Never hear this on TV. I’m sick of the TV scum.
  19. phliperphil says:
    I cant elieve how fucking stupid cops have become.. Hey out there if you are one of those pigglets out there beating your fellow man for your pleasure ?? you know what they say right PIGS what goes a round comes around
  20. exiquio says:
    Cops are going to be paid no matter what. Someone has to protect the status quo
  21. ozdexter says:
    lmao, Gerald is amazingly entertaining. cops are gonna get the baton in the chocolate starfish!
  22. perezosoundercover says:
    I want to know what Celente thinks about Benjamin Fulford, are those fairy tales? The white dragon society? the dealings and wheelings of the rAtschilds in Japan and everywhere else? the relation between IMF, World bank and the puppets, governments, banks and institutions in other parts of the world, Venezuela for instance …
  23. perezosoundercover says:
    good going Celente, we need more information about the inner workings, connections, tactics from a guy who knows who is who and what they are doing, thanks.
  24. ajfelix67 says:
    I think Celente NAILED it. Right after Christmas. The masses will be in a DRUNKIN BLISS, but there will be NO CURE for this HANG OVER.

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