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Could someone Sue the Federal government If Paul Ryan’s plan becomes law?

I’m 39 years old. Looked at my Tax info just out of curiosity. It was shocked to learn that i have paid nearly 75k into medicare. Threw my life until now. By the time I reach 65, I probably would have doubled that. Easily or possibly even tippled it. If I live my life expectancy, then my payout from Ryan Care would be less than a third of what I paid into it. Medicare has been the same since the 1960′s. Why , as a Senior citizen, should I settle for this?

And before you harp on me , I’m registered Republican.


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8 Responses to "Could someone Sue the Federal government If Paul Ryan’s plan becomes law?"

  1. Lady Laissez Faire says:
    If nothing is done about it now, you won’t get ANY when you retire.
  2. scottso360 says:

    house votes to make seniors pay $6000 more a year. they are saving medicare by killing it.

  3. Alex says:
    Would you rather have less than you put into it or none at all?

    Your choice. Everybody says they want changes to be made but they all resist it whenever it affects them.

  4. Ryan J says:
    Medicare has been broken for a long time.
  5. NOpublican's in 2012 says:
    99% of republicans in the house and senate already voted to do this,We are lucky that they didn’t have a majority in the Senate. You have a choice in 2012 vote republican and abolish medicare or vote for democrats
  6. tracymae64 says:
    It is doubtful that your Republican credentials are real. If they were, you would know that Medicare is on it’s way out, It is broke! Ryan, has come forward with a legitimate plan to resolve the issue. It is not perfect, but there hasn’t been anything presented that is better.
  7. The Scales of Justice 3. says:
    If nothing is done to stop the bleeding, Your 75k was pissed away 10 years ago.
    Your working off of some other guys efforts. You need to make sure that he or
    she stays alive. By the way Skippy if you go to the pool and its empty do you
    jump off the high dive head first. The dollars and cents are not adding up, they
    are gone. But spoken like a true progressive though, DUhh is the pool is empty
    can I still swim. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO There is nothing to
    swim in.
  8. Libraryanna says:
    It’s very expensive to do so and I’m sure they could find a legal way around the broken promises of Social Security and Medicare. But I think a class action suit would be appropriate.

    They seem to think a voucher of $15K is enough to buy private insurance for a senior. It’s ridiculous. Healthy young people can’t get insurance for that much. He wants to write a death warrant for seniors.

    They keep acting like Medicare is an entitlement program. We have been paying into it for decades, out of our paychecks. It’s not need based. It’s not entitlement. And if they want to solve the (faux) Medicare crisis, they just need to make Medicare available for everyone. Then we solve the problem with the uninsured and by bringing in younger people still paying into it and adding what is now being paid to insure the younger people, it will solve the alleged crisis.

    You have to wonder why Ryan and the others want to kill us off as we get to our senior years.

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