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Could you recommend the best Phoenix bankruptcy attorney lawyer ?

Im looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix AZ. I need help filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. I’m looking for a payment plan to satisfy my creditors because im getting harrassed for late payments.


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3 Responses to "Could you recommend the best Phoenix bankruptcy attorney lawyer ?"

  1. Huntsman says:
    Did you know that you have to go to counseling before you declare bankrutpcy?
    Did you know that there are agencies out there (no charge to you) that help you?
    Google: National Foundation for Credit Counseling
    Go to their site and call their 800 number and make an appointment at a local office.
    They can put you on the Debt Management Program
    ^ very similar to Chap 13
    The cost is about 30 a month – but only if you can afford it
    They contact your creditors and see what can be worked out – they know what to do

    You can also get a book on Credit and Debt Repair from your library or bookstore that will tell you how to negotiate with those creditors

  2. crbesq says:
    You can find a referral at (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys).
  3. Lilian V says:
    Pew Law Center is based out of Phoenix. You should give them a call. Here is an interview of Lawrence “D” Pew found on youtube where he is offering his book “Bankruptcy Secrets They Dont Want You To Know.”

    Lawrence “D” Pew

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