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Credit Card Debt, Bankruptcy,& personal finance for doomers

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25 Responses to "Credit Card Debt, Bankruptcy,& personal finance for doomers"

  1. maheshdubariya says:
    Thank you for this great video,
  2. foster2367 says:
    If only it were this simple! I work from home and actually do make good money but I work hard. If anyone is interested in a REAL opportunity to make good money by working hard then join my team! Just email me: or skype me for a chat on: anthony62155.
  3. vacationboyvideos says:
    if they put a lein on my home and a few years later i get an ingertance, could they go after the money in my acct AFTER they sue me and put a lein on my home?
  4. Fightdebt says:
    I agree that bankruptcy isn’t a great option. Where your debt problems are caused by credit cards, there may be a better option. You can fight the damn things when they try to collect.
  5. floare79 says:
    You are so good in this video (haven’t watched the other ones). I like your video. Keep it up. I know over 100k Canadians are filing bankrupcy every year, so bankruptcy becomes more common with people saving less or none and buying more on credit. There is so much freedom in using cash only… cash is king, credit is slavery.
  6. criseldaprangehkg says:
    Russian wives waiting
  7. 4thandinches says:
    Bankrupty is RARELY a good idea. The behavioral problem of fiscal irresponsibility is not addressed when people look for the easy way out.
  8. TheLifeImprovement says:
    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement
  9. pyang81 says:
    Seek help before it’s too late.
  10. matikaj says:
    I found this site about getting out of debt: It’s quite interesting. There are over 40 articles and every day new ones are added.
  11. matikaj says:
    look here:
  12. palinsbutthole says:
    Hyperinflation – it’s 2010. didn’t happen. next idiot
  13. debtcc says:
    Yeah I agree that if you’re defaulting on purpose so that you can re negotiate with the CAs or your creditor, you must have the financial discipline. You cannot afford to be expensive, buying all the stuff that you wish to. This is the time that you need to be frugal and save up as much money as you can to pay off your debt when the CA or creditor agrees on the negotiated amount. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the ground on which you will negotiate with the CA or the creditor.
  14. 407buddy says:
    STOP paying debt and walkaway from underwater mortgage?…and guess who’s got who by the balls.
  15. 407buddy says:
    This whole fucking economy is built on fraud, lies and garbage, folks who once believed in the “system” are losing faith. Motivated by do-or-die necessity, Non-Believers are unwilling to go under or live on the streets but will instead devise ingenious ways to beat that system, breaking from debt and usury, getting off the grid as much as possible, buying local only.
    So fuck fraudonomics.
  16. 407buddy says:
    STOP paying your debt, (we) the people do have the power: just stop paying (and playing their game). It would be interesting to see who’s got who by the balls, it’s all just a little scammed poker game,isn’t it?
  17. gespilk says:
    How much net profit do you make per week? How much time per week do you spend to make that profit? Tell me what is the ratio between these parameters and I tell you if you work to live or live to work.
    Ideal life would be the one that allows you not to work while having access to unlimited resources (money). How far are you from that point? For example Bill Gates is very close to that point.
    I cant even raise the money to go bankrupt.
  18. Quannah07 says:
    We need to be kicked in the butt, just for killing and take American Indian lands and putting them on concentration camps!
    I hope they make more casinos just so the could put every migrating immigrants( white) on city concentration camps!( New York, San Francisco)……………………!
    It’s sad Americans are in a state of blinded guilt!
  19. Davidbzm01 says:
    Here’s how you start to fix all these problems

    Take that credit card and cut it up.
    Call them and cancel the account.
    Dont just stop useing it because they are working on a new penalty charge for “NOT USING” your card.
    they will crap themselves when 40 million people call them up.. Then they wont have a choice but to fix it. Its as easy as that…

    I declare March 1st 2010 the day we all call Sears. and take control. pass it on.

  20. nirvgardengod says:
    very interesting, thanks for the info
  21. ptgful says:
    pretty helpful information about debt and bankruptcy issues. for more info vist debtsolutionshome. com for free objective information regarding bankruptcies and debt solutions.
    God bless.
  22. 407buddy says:
    Sorry folks, you have been had, peed on, scammed and lied to.
    WallStreet is rigged and bailouts a fraud, market manipulations,
    high freqency trading, flash orders, naked short selling, on and on
    Goldman and Gov’t are in bed, they set the rules to benefit the few
    Jobs been exported, your labor de-valued to Zero to screw you into debt
    Walk away from your CC cards and (underwater) mortgage
    FICO scores are a scam to enslave you and keep you in debt
    Get out of paper. Don’t be sheeple. Fight back!
  23. ronald447able says:
    im one of those credit card debtors and i admit i need more that 1 hard kick in the rear from the creditor before they settle for less weact like children so we should be treated as such not speaking for those who had medical billsand such
  24. NewRevolutionVenture says:
    I like what you’re doing. Your ideals are right on. I work in the credit repair industry, and what you are saying is pretty much right on. I know of the people of which you speak. The facade of wealth. It’s also interesting to note that all of my very wealthy clients have a need to let me know how much money they have. It’s almost like clockwork, it happens every time. Yet, they couldn’t finance a hot dog. Keep up the good work and thank you.
  25. drewkroeker says:
    That is epic! lolollol

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