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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » Credit CRISIS Animation Sub Prime just PRETEXT Banks Brokers Mortgages Foreclosure Money and Debt

Credit CRISIS Animation Sub Prime just PRETEXT Banks Brokers Mortgages Foreclosure Money and Debt


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25 Responses to "Credit CRISIS Animation Sub Prime just PRETEXT Banks Brokers Mortgages Foreclosure Money and Debt"

  1. dpsixtyfive says:
  2. farfleman1 says:
    If you like this video you hate america and what it stands for
  3. RatbagMC says:
    “Where they buy AAA treasury bills, believed to be the safest”…
  4. keriandcam says:
    By far the best explanation I found on Youtube. I will be sure to pass this along!
  5. calebp9503 says:
    I wish everyone watched this, there are so many people who simple don’t know what’s going on and are so angry at the government, they believe that the rich are getting richer and they will always get poorer. I was raised in a home like that and I look at other kids in college who have everything and waste it, now I too am angry. Its a viscous cycle.
  6. insanecaine says:
    Absolutely Excellent! Clear and informative. Easy to understand. Please – never take this down. People will want to see this for a very long time.
  7. raskolnikovfan says:
    Well done Jonathan!
  8. sevenbates says:
    Not once did this video discuss how banks were not allowed to do most of these practices until the mid-to-late 90′s, because they were bad ideas we’d “learned not to do” after the great depression. Nobody points out the bad guys in Washington (Republicans at the time) who pushed these de-regulation ideas as part of their “pro-business” agenda. Instead, this video points the blame at the foolish sub-prime home owner, who before banks targeted them, weren’t allowed to purchase homes this way.
  9. xNiggraxPleasex says:
    everybody with a facebook needs to right now, copy/paste this link onto your page for all too see, ANY comprehended view counts and is a change in the long run. it wont be long before they too.. want to help educate the population of people in the dark.
  10. shahnassarr says:
    It is a pity not enough people want to educate themselves
  11. TheDistilledMan says:
    very helpful thank you
  12. EdgeUHF says:
    good vid but the best disinfo is one that tells half the truth, it missed the part with the illuminati, new world order plan and the fact it was all orchestrated, nothing just happens out of thin air, you have to ask who actually won from this, the issue isn’t just economical, it has become political
  13. Zersenai says:
    That was flawless.
  14. Masedrati says:
    Brilliant video really. Bravo! it makes it really easy to understand
    I just want to add something. You forgot to explain why homeowners couldn’t pay their mortgages anymore…because the home owners were paying a floating interest rate on the mortgage contracts. The interest rates were low in the beginning(1% after september 11) but began to soar few years before the crisis
  15. HermannManfredo says:
    ??? how can a someone with 10.000 USD borrow 990.000 USD. lerverage instrument yes or no, this is simple NONESENSE!
  16. gofishmon says:
    @aparach Money is necessary in a modern society, it’s the LOVE of Money is the root of all evil.
  17. jdperini says:
    Bankrupt created by nerds who wants always more money
  18. raghuroopa says:
    Very well done. Thank you. You for hire?
  19. Yashyyyk says:
    Watched the video twice and gotta say two things
    1. Thank you so much, best video on youtube
    2. It is a shame that only 14.688 people watched this video Such an important piece of knowledge and nobody cares :(
  20. fusiondp says:
    The one thing this is missing is the part where Barney Frank (with pressure from ACORN) put in regulations that REQUIRED banks to loan to people they absolutely knew could not afford the house they were buying.

    Quite often people who had no business getting a home loan got one due to the politically correct policies that were put in place by Frank.

  21. palht says:
    Great video! It shed light on the problem; now I understood the crisis more.
  22. shmayy says:
    great video
  23. adriandrum says:
    awesome video, thanks!
  24. resolveitall says:
    just as we currently allow. a replaying cycle of acceptance of an abusive, unsupportive money system. each one is required to take responsibility for this current allowance. equal money will be an actualization of support for every person born into this world.
  25. GenghisSeanMonster says:
    This is a great video.. wow. Very crystal clear.

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