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Credit & Debt Consolidation : Debt Consolidation Pros & Cons

There are both pros and cons to debt consolidation. Learn about debt consolidation from aregistered financial consultant (RFC) in this free personal finance video. Expert: Patrick Munro Contact: Bio: Patrick Munro is a registered financial consultant (RFC) with outstanding sales volume of progressive financial products and solutions to the senior and boomer marketplace. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC


  1. Credit & Debt Consolidation : Secured Debt Consolidation Secured debt consolidation often allows debtors to secure a loan to payoff debt with the value of a home...

  2. Credit & Debt Consolidation : Credit Card Consolidation Tips An important debt consolidation tip is to never carry excess credit limits or max out credit cards because that...

  3. Credit & Debt Consolidation : Debt Consolidation Tips: Credit Card Offers Debt Consolidation Tips: Manage credit card offers and accept only the lowest interest rate offers. Learn about credit card...

  4. Credit & Debt Consolidation : Transforming Debt Into Wealth Transforming debt into wealth is possible. Pay off the debt and then investing wisely with the open credit line....

  5. Money Management : Tips for Getting Credit Card Consolidation Loans Through Banks When an individual has various credit cards with amounts due and payable, it can be helpful for them to...

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