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Creighton Economic Professor Ernie Goss on the Auto Bailout

Detroit is teetering on the brink but economist Ernie Goss says the government shouldnt butt in. Due to their non-competitive cost structure, GM’s and Chrysler’s long-term economic future is doubtful. A bailout would only delay the inevitable insolvency of both GM and Chrysler. Scott Drake talks with Creight Economics professor Ernie Goss.


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2 Responses to "Creighton Economic Professor Ernie Goss on the Auto Bailout"

  1. 1868trini says:

    im bored on cam l7

  2. sep0507 says:
    When the fat cats on Wall St blew up the US economy, the Big 3 were making huge gains in quality and product developement. They were humming along with new products in the final stages of coming to market and suddenly the credit dried up. Not their fault. You must take into consideration that they actually produce something of value, whereas Wall Street pushes paper and the Airlines are a service industry. It’s not about building cars nobody wants since they did enjoy almost a 50% market share.

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