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Cross-Strung Harp — Spanish Dance

This very simple but beautiful piece by Gaspar Sanz, arranged and played by Elizabeth Paine on my Geering cross-strung harp. Sheet music available. Please join HarpersCrossing Yahoo group for more information on cross-strung harps!


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9 Responses to "Cross-Strung Harp — Spanish Dance"

  1. Csillagviragful says:
  2. leoncioviolin says:
  3. lovingharp says:
    Muy bonito.
  4. musical2 says:
    I was searching for a Spanish Harp tune and enjoyed this short piece very much. Thanks :-)
  5. Gbeaklini says:
    I like your video very much! Bravo! This harp has such beautiful sound!
  6. crossharps says:
    Thanks, Harper! This is just a pretty little piece that would be nice for a very beginning student! I’ve been trying to find lots of these and will post more videos eventually!
  7. harpertasche says:
    Nicely done, congratulations!
  8. crossharps says:
    Hi, Mary,

    Thanks so much! This very simple little piece is one that I arranged for very beginning cross-strung players to enjoy. I will be posted more videos of music on cross-strung harp in the near future, so stay tuned!

  9. MaryGreenleaf says:
    Sooo beautyful! Thank you for posting!

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