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Cult Awareness Network CAN bankrupted by Scientology part I

A copy of this video with higher image quality is uploaded at: Your help in transcribing or translating the film will be greatly appreciated. 60 Minutes documentary on CAN and Scientology. Lesley Stahl talks to Cynthia Kisser, president of the original CAN that was sued into bankruptcy and taken over by Scientology. Stacy Young, ex-Scientologist, also speaks out.

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25 Responses to "Cult Awareness Network CAN bankrupted by Scientology part I"

  1. swankrecords says:
    lying tology
  2. Txsray says:
    The only “help” that the old CAN ever provided was to put people in touch with violent kidnappers such as Ted Patrick and Steve Hassan. CAN was the front office for the kidnapping business.

    CAN was just as evil as Scientology.
    In fact I think they worked together.
    The cult got its clutches on young people.
    Then CAN charged parents tens of thousands of dollars to “rescue” the kids from the cults.

  3. analyzingfunny says:
    @jo11111 Oh so THATS why $cientology wanted it so bad. To make even more money.
  4. jo11111 says:
    The C.A.N. is a CRIME SYNDICATE. they and their associates have wantonly distributed abuse including kidnapping, rape, torture, and made bank off of it. They manipulated the emotions of terrified parents and used lies to scare them into forking over thousands of dollars. I don’t have any reason to trust or distrust scientology, but i am glad to see the C.A.N. taken down.
  5. SgtHydra says:
    Well, not always.

    I mean, sometimes religion is merely an answer to the question “what/who created the universe?”

    I don’t think it is wrong or foolish to ask that question.

  6. marcehole says:
    Co$ claims “We don’t do that anymore” …..hahahahahahaha….. I may as well believe Hitler… Co$ and DM will be like Nazis… DEAD!
  7. lifesavid says:
    CAN being run by Scientology is like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood
  8. vegettosonlab says:
    Shouldn’t CAN be run by people who aren’t religious or crazy? :P
  9. sugarpuddin88 says:
    Religion & Scientology are like the fairy tales Mother Goose & Jack and the Bean stalk: Written to help the frightened little monkey’s sleep at night

    The belief in one fairy tale over another is completely arbitrary – And depends on which frightening story you heard as a child

    In reality, people are simply afraid of the responsibility associated with having an “internal locus of control” – Thus, they invent saviors to hide behind when it gets dark out at night

  10. lushhmushh says:
    loool how can a cult be allowed to run CAN.. you got to admit.. those crazies are organised
  11. EmilyGreene1984 says:
    There needs to be more exposure into false religions and cults like Scientology and to punish those for their heinous crimes against humanity. If only the television stations would quit their partisan bias (i.e – liberal bias) and show the truth as it is.
  12. tlthe5th says:
    I’m glad CAN was bankrupt. they were the CULT themselves. Come on, “Deprogramming”? CIA all over it. CIA Margaret Singer, Jolly West, CIA Operations at their finest. Cult awareness Network was a result of Jonestown, the massive CIA operation there. Come on guys, Jack and Jill is a fable also.
  13. Gasparro18 says:
    Scientology is fucking ridicolous. They have to fucking sue people just so they don’t criticize them. Assholes,when are they going to learn it the United States of America we have freedom of speech.
  14. solana0156 says:
    lol sorry, not my intention to scare you, smoke another fatty~~~~((((((((( and relax, there are more things in this world to be afraid of then me lol I am here to enlighten not to frighten:)
    ~~~sending you healing energy~~~
  15. gonjamon99 says:
    solana0156, I’m scared.
  16. solana0156 says:
    no, why…can you smell something? lol just me sending you healing energy via vibrational subtle energy
    ~~~sending you healing loving energy~~~
  17. gonjamon99 says:
    solana0156, are you sending this healing energy in my direction via flatulence? No thanks.
  18. solana0156 says:
    All this is just a distraction for people to focus on instead of realizing they dont need someone else to empower them. we are energy beings, everything we do begins with our thoughts. you are the secret.
    ~~~sending you all healing energy~~~
  19. MechanicV8 says:
    Thats pathetic
  20. darthspeaks says:
    Another thing - that shitty lawyer sounds like a whiny cocksucker that needs to fall off a cliff … badly.
  21. darthspeaks says:
    The government should stand in and take over the cult awareness network and yank it from the fucking slimy hands of CO$.
  22. darthspeaks says:
    If a ‘church’ EVER did this or that – chances are – they still do!
  23. violetflame1980 says:
    Nice info but remeber


  24. Yan117mc1 says:
    I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike that cult more than I already did. Evil might not be too strong a word after all. Mafia in spiritual clothing.
  25. sircharlesincharge says:
    L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, was friends and a protege of Alleister Crowley, author of the satanic bible.

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