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Daily Harp Moments-PVC Piper Harp Assembly

Daily postings of harp tunes


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25 Responses to "Daily Harp Moments-PVC Piper Harp Assembly"

  1. jgkovac says:
    carp diem
  2. Wilbeerthoven says:
    Thanks a lot!! I’ll start right now!!
  3. jgkovac says:
    thanks very kind of you
  4. tynok2094 says:
    surprisingly warm tone. it’s actually quite nice.
  5. tynok2094 says:
    suprisingly warm tone. it’s actually quite nice.
  6. masocistdream says:
    currently putting one together for my girlfriend, its great fun except being covered in PVC shavings… Mr. Kovac was really nice when it was ordered and everything got her quite quickly…
  7. jgkovac says:
  8. Carrlos1297 says:
    nice job sir!
  9. jgkovac says:
    Greensleeves, or “what child is this?”
  10. GrinderDelice says:
    Hehe very nice idea i liked it. What is the name of the song played a the end?
  11. jgkovac says:
  12. anko8aug says:
    nice i like that song
  13. jgkovac says:
    thanks so much
  14. Leprecaun123 says:
    I have to say from listening to the videos where you play your PVC i do think the bassy tone is just wonderful.
  15. tobigforyou says:
    Sweet thanks allot for the input.
    welcome back
  16. jgkovac says:
    i never tried it, but i wouldn’t imagine it would make too much of a difference
  17. tobigforyou says:
    Hey John I am currently saving up for this harp.

    I was wondering if I put veneer(bird’s eye maple) it would affect the sound?

  18. hebertobr says:
    it’s Greensleeves
  19. MockStoneLLC says:
    what is that song at the end? can someone message me?
  20. jgkovac says:
    22= 3 octaves
  21. VDGSociety says:
    how many strings?
  22. jgkovac says:
    good idea
  23. ttay1122 says:
    i fink if i made one i would paint it gold or sumtin
  24. shamsnima says:
    YOU are truly AMAZING! I’ve been searching allover for a cheap harp in vain… now I think I should give this a try. And finally, finally fulfill my dream of learning the harp. THANK YOU!
  25. jgkovac says:
    you are very kind

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