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Damned by Debt Relief

Damned by Debt Relief challenges the Live8-G8 debt relief jamboree. Eloquent and angry Ghanaians cut through the spin and explain; debt relief provided no new money and draconian conditions applied. Damned by donor diktat, Ghanaians are not impressed by the West’s supposed largesse. For the full story — a 28-minute documentary now available on DVD — please visit our website at


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25 Responses to "Damned by Debt Relief"

  1. nancyllang says:
    Due to the recession, credit card companies are now offering bail-out programs. To see if you qualify, visit us @
  2. thuggie1 says:
    boo hoo i weep NOT!!!
  3. tigerone1970 says:
    Reinvest profits from mining and raw materials in agriculture, infrastructure and manufacturing, and building capacity (universal healthcare and education, education for farmers, civil servants and professionals), and Africa does not need ‘donor aid’ or any aid at all.

    ‘Donor aid’ is part of a shell game, where the wests receives Africa’s raw materials free of charge (no taxes, no profit sharing) and returns a quarter of that money, with strings attached to keep the exploitation going.

  4. tigerone1970 says:
    ” Can someone tell me please? ”

    Sure – to keep their raw materials flowing to the West.

    Africa exports 1 trillion in raw materials every year (gold, diamonds, platinum, oil, etc.) and receives 1/4 trillion in ‘donor aid’ every year.

    This goes to corrupt local elites and running huge gvt bureaucracies, so they will not nationalize their mines or redistribute land to their own people.

    That is why the west is rich, and African people are poor.

  5. IAmTheResurrection2 says:
    We don’t owe them “aid”. We owe them compensation damn it.
  6. BreakPovertyTogether says:
    I appreciate this video so much. Frank and direct about the problems with governmental approaches to poverty reduction. There is a great approach to help but it takes going there, and INVESTING, EMPOWERING, and CULTIVATING basic business creation. The governments are influenced by academics and they do great research, but business creation must be done by business people. That’s what we do, and it works very powerfully. These guys are rightfully angry. Most “aid” money is wasted.
  7. yahoovisitor says:
    Loans are granted to Pakistan but are not monitored/audited to see the completion of the project they are sanctioned for. Pakistani ruling class & govt departments eventually eat up the entire sum. Are these loans granted to promote hypocrisy, gradually leading to fake inflation, injustice & poverty? The end result nowadays is reaction in the form of suicide bombing & destruction due to the problems mentioned. Kalabagh Dam & many projects are just a dream due to this attitude of IMF & World Bank
  8. Tennysontigga says:
    Why is the west wasting money on projects which do not reduce poverty in Africa. Can someone tell me please?
  9. Tennysontigga says:
    For goodness sake please give Africans the credit that they know what is best for themselves. Stop this belief that decisons which are made in the western board room are best for Africa. What is wrong with researching the needs of people and fulfilling those particular needs. Please stop this pretence.
  10. otherworldz says:
    when europeans colonized africa, they chopped up most natural borders and replaced them with false lines: DIVIDE & RULE. then, they put up puppet regimes, then screwed the people and blamed them for being screwed up. just look at african-americans: whites facilitate their problems then point and say, “look, they’re f-d up!” i know, i’m white and live in the southeastern us (60% black).
  11. tinozzz1 says:
    problem in africa is their (no)ledership…coruption mix with politicts…and tribal lines beeing put above national real leders were born in africa in the last 100 years…
  12. RacFos says:
    It is unbelievable that so many strings are attached to debt relief. You don’t see westerners going in to banks for loans and being asked if they are using birth control – why do they force these draconian measures on people who really need money and don’t simply want to buy a new four-wheeler? You don’t see strings being attached to victims of hurricanes or tsunamis: victims such as these aren’t forced to fill out target forms to make sure they are rebuilding on target…
  13. indylondoner says:
    When all the talk about debt relief came out, who mentioned the conditions attached to it? I don’t remember hearing about them. After the way the west has invaded countries across africa, remapped the continent, stolen people and resources – the loans should be cancelled without any string attached at the very least.
  14. richmondqueen says:
    I believe that people should start hearing the real needs of the people in Africa. The points in this film are so strong and potent and hopefully one day these ideas and views will be acted upon.
  15. badraLou says:
    What’s amazing is that China has been able to do in just a few years what the West hasn’t done since 1960 (after more than $590 Billion of aid). What the West needs to do is end its hypocrytic criticism of China while they are setting up military bases like Africom, or tools like the World Bank and IMF that are classic failures with the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) and HIPC. No More AID, we want INVESTMENT. Damn it
  16. V0LUNTEER2 says:
    its sad to see that these people are having debt problems and not getting help the way they want
  17. V0LUNTEER2 says:
    It is nice to see that these people are getting help from live 8 and G8, also getting new dustbins
  18. glebehotel says:
    The best help is self help. Empowering people and the human touch seems to be lacking in debt relief. What has changed in their every day lives because of Live8 and G8?
  19. r2d89 says:
    Of course you would feel that way being on the other side of the issue. Your viewpoint it representative of a great deal of those don’t have to suffer from the consequences of actions that are skewed in your favour.
  20. Maschuer says:
    I wasn’t certain that the people addressing development issues here had a sufficient knowledge of the field they were delving into.
  21. Likaabdalla says:
    Love it.
  22. lehon01 says:
    It is a very informative and educational film. Though it should have included some key figures from both the Ganian Government and G8.
  23. lehon01 says:
    Very informative film. Though it should have included some key figures like Gana ministers and some elements from G8.
  24. lehon01 says:
    the flim is ok
  25. worldwrite says:
    Unfortunatlt Trakaton your death wish echoes the anti-human sentiments which leave people in the developing world suffering the sustainababble, anti consumerist, anti progress ideas which are the real obstacle these days to people having what we have in the West and a decent life the world over.

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