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Dan Rather Reports on HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) – Brookstone Law

Dan Rather investigates the HAMP government program that is designed to help homeowners, but instead may be helping banks make money while driving some borrowers into foreclosure. For more information visit


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8 Responses to "Dan Rather Reports on HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) – Brookstone Law"

  1. thecorrine271 says:
    This is exactly the same thing that happened to my father in Arizona. He was told to miss payments to be qualified. He proceeded to get the trial mod and sent in the information requested numerous times and they kept losing it…or making excuses.  Finally, he found out that his home was going to be auctioned. He eventually left…ashamed…disillusioned. It has left me..his daughter with a very distrustful view of this administration and the whole banking industry.
  2. TheAmycharron says:
    I have lived the hellish nightmare for fighting for my only child. I was illegally evicted from my beautiful home over a escrow scam. On top of proof of an illegal foreclosure my child at 2yrs old was unlawfully kidnapped about 2 yrs before my home was stolen. Wells Fargo is full of fraud. Please you tube my name Amy Charron and Gov. Rick Perry and you tube my name as well. I lost everything illegally just for fighting for my girl and still no justice. This injustice should never of happened!
  3. TheHutMaster says:
    @suziktodd BULLSHIT!
  4. suziktodd says:
    I work for a large bank and approved 100′s of PEOPLE for HAMP. Most of them are extremely pleased and very thankful. The guidelines are easy. If your gross income is <31% yo do not qualify. At that point, you would seek out an internal or investor option, not the govt. option B/C you CAN afford your home.
  5. roscoegino says:
    This vid should have more views, seriously.
  6. JulesManson says:
    This is undeniable evidence that the state is evolving toward fascism controlled by the finance corporations.
  7. MrATLACATL says:
  8. coxsanchezlaw says:
    HAMP fail because the criminal servicers have on standing to modify most loans.

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