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Dan’s Foreclosure Story

Dan and his family lost their home due to broker’s lies and avarice We must put a personal face on foreclosure, and we must take action if we have any chance of preventing millions of people from losing their homes. Have you been affected by the housing crisis? Do you know anyone who has? We’re asking you to record your story, or the story of a friend, family member, or neighbor, and send it to us in a video or through a written submission. We’re collecting stories to display on

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25 Responses to "Dan’s Foreclosure Story"

  1. VANVALIS says:
    I don’t get it. If it was not in the truth in lending statement why can’t he stop them from taking his house? This must not be the full story.
  2. superbeauthy says:
    fraud all of it
  3. RecessionProofFree says:
    Free Forensic Mortgage Audit to Stop Foreclosures and Stay In Home
  4. sha370z says:
    people took out home loans on dead people . one guy had 20 home loans
    people had 8 or 9 home loans in five states saying they made $400,000 a year
    when they have no cash flow
  5. ForeclosureMD says:
    Free foreclosure defense info go to w w w StopForeclosure .LA or call us at 888-2559999
  6. ForceWinds3 says:
    There’s a special place in hell for these liars!!!
  7. UniverseOffspring says:
    This will benefit someone else unfortunately. I am working right now on a house that was bought by a guy I work for, he is renovating it and is planning on selling it. The next person will more than likely go through the same thing, and the same process will be repeated.
  8. pttugasuk says:
    @aviomaster You Can Stop Foreclosure Today CALL US TODAY 877-291-4645
    Mortgage Modifications Quickly meets people driving in their own mortgage loan with providers who are able to assistance these folks maintain their own household by way of modifying their own active mortgage. There are numerous foreclosures elimination gives you available, then again we’re the best while in the place plus many of us give the highest agreed payment for the speediest kind.
  9. TheoryIsSpeculation says:
    Wisdom – If you haven’t heard this I think you should. Problems solved.

    “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Consficatory Agency Known to Man” – By Mary Elizabeth Croft

    youtube . com/watch?v=UCZqb2FcNLg

    Plz share w/ others.

  10. aviomaster says:
    Just imagine how many families got destroyed in this Foreclosure criminal system.
    Giving people money huge amounts of money 300-400-500.000 $

    where 60% of your income goes to Mortgage and mortgage loan increases every year, I mean DO YOU have to a economic genius to figure out this will not LAST.

  11. razban01 says:
    You are our hero!
    Do not give up!
  12. CheeseburgerParade23 says:
    It is unfortunate how familiar his story is. It feels like too many people close to me are going through similar situations
  13. wakeupscreaming says:
    The bankers are evil. The entire system is being created to screw people over.
    I live in Vancouver Canada. What I’m seeing, is our country is immigrating hundreds of thousands of people per year from asia, and these newcomers buy these outrageously priced small condos, and make payments to the bankers for 30 years for what probably only cost a couple thousand to build. I’m just not convinced it costs $500k to build a small 500sf. apartment. Canada hasn’t had the “bubble burst” like the US has.
  14. sha370z says:
    payments are a trap
  15. Chazonline56able says:
    I empathize with you,Dan. This is another reason why I don’t understand people voting against their best interest. Today I’m watching this video while a small percentage of people in this great country are holding the Gov’t hostage.
  16. dashandrepeat says:
    The only thing is Vision I don’t understand all the jargon when they have you sign papers do you have any advice on this like on closing and such
  17. al5mnd9trnksdr745bi says:
    “Obama is planning an extravagant fundraising bash 3 August 2011 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, including a birthday concert (his is the 4th) teeming with celebrities and-for couples contributing $35,800-a private dinner with the president. All this just one day after the government is scheduled to run out of cash!”

    —White House Dossier 14 July 2011

  18. rewire69 says:
    Just because you arent in foreclosure doesnt make you safe and so on.It doesnt mean you got the greatest deal ever or that you one upped them.I do mortgage audits or mortgage securitization audits.I help people detect fraud in their mortgages to stop foreclosure and so on.I have clients that arent in foreclosure come to me to hold banks responsible as well as people in foreclosure.So its on both sides of the fence ya know.Well I hope this lil bit of info helps guys.
  19. rewire69 says:
    The crap people spill abut shouldnt of got a loan you couldnt afford…blah blah blah.Most people got one they could and fell on hard ships.Thats what the banks wanted to happen.Its called predatory foreclosure, you jack asses.thats why in most cases no one got help to fix their issues.The banks wanted the foreclosure to collect insurance on the house.So even if you are in good standing now.You more then likely have fraud commited against you as well.So dont thing you are the contract kings….
  20. rewire69 says:
    Well if you are still in foreclosure just make them produce the note.Note being the contract you signed with the bank.You dont want a copy of your contract they need to show the original “Wet Ink Contract” Not to mention they must show the contract and the deed at the same time to show possession of ownership.And its 90% chance they cant do it because the note was sold on the market.
  21. dashfront21 says:
    @liam13coins kinda insensitive, dont u think? he said he was lied to. doesnt matter how good you are at math.
  22. liam13coins says:
    I thought electricions were good at math. Duh!!!!!!!
  23. ThisChickISASwiftFan says:
    @Gofightsystem i was foreclosed too its not that you dont understand u get into trouble
  24. california342 says:
    don’t worrie about your houce America need to spend $ in war just pay more federal taxes we are no buddy for the federal goverment I just lost my home in california to I feel your pain buddy
  25. jjenson2006 says:
    If you sign a contract, you’re supposed to READ IT FIRST. If you don’t understand it, have a lawyer tell you what you are signing. Why would you trust a salesman (broker, RE agent, etc.) who benefits tremendously on the sale? We don’t need a nanny state where the government looks over our transactions.

    Did you expect the RE agent to tell you after you buy this house the price will drop? Did you expect the broker to tell the truth? If you feel you are right, bring them to court and fight it!

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