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Dealership in receivership

Car buyers and owners who dealt with Rick Damelian will not lose out despite the crash of his empire. See more at


  1. What happens when a company goes into receivership? I work for a hotel that is going into foreclosure. It needs a lot of rennovating. We are currently in...

  2. What does it mean when a company is said to be in receivership? Who does that affect the employees? Would you join a company in receivership? ...

  3. What happens when a condo goes into receivership? I live in an condominium complex that is currently in debt, with little reserves and not enough equity to even...

  4. What are the risks I have if a company I am dealing with is under receivership? This company is under receivership on account of the governments’ allegations stating they have commited sales tax fraud. The received...

  5. To FDIC: Put Bank Of America Into Receivership (Huffington Post) Two leading critics of the financial industry are calling on the FDIC to put some of the...

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