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Debt Cancellation, 1099, and Short Sales

Neil Thomson of Thomson Conant PLC, a prominent Phoenix, Arizona law firm, discusses the 1099 resulting from Debt Cancellation and how it comes into play in Short Sales and Foreclosure in Arizona. Mr. Thomson discussed the 1099 and Debt Cancellation in a short sale event hosted by Brian Gubernick of Keller Williams Arizona Realty and Homehelper Consultants, a group that specializes in the sale and negotiation of Phoenix and Scottsdale Short Sales.


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  2. Orlando FL Short Sales and 1099′s / Orlando Short Sale Expert OrlandoShortSaleExpert.Info Will you get a 1099 if you do an Orlando FL Short Sale? Yes, you will. Does this...

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  4. Can a cancellation of debt be revoked? I received a cancellation of debt form (1099-C) on a HELOC that we are behind in paying. I filed it...

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