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Debt Consolidation for people with not so good credit?

Where can you get debt consolidation at banks for prople that have not so good credit.


  1. What is the best debt consolidation for people with bad credit? I would just like to know of some good debt consolidation companies that people have used that are friendly to...

  2. What is the min. amount credit card debt you must have to do debt consolidation and is this a good idea? I wanted to do credit card debt consolidation but I am skeptical if this is a good idea with the...

  3. Credit card debt consolidation companies, Anyone know of a good one? I’ve become over whelmed with my credit card debt and I’m getting those phone calls because I’m missing payments and...

  4. What company or companies gives out debt consolidation loans to people with bad credit? I want to know if you personally found a company which considered your case and gave you a loan even...

  5. how good does my credit have to be to get credit card debt consolidation? If I let my cards slip for a while I don’t know how much they’ve hurt my credit. I need...

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3 Responses to "Debt Consolidation for people with not so good credit?"

  1. ALEJANDRO R says:
    you have a opportunnity for earn money for your credit, please visit this web page:
  2. andy says:
    Actually, I would think that most banks will shy away from these loans since there is no guarantee that you would not run up your credit cards right after consolidation. If you have poor credit then it would be even harder.
  3. ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼ says:
    Instead of debt consolidation, you need credit counseling. They will work with your creditors to stop interest and set a fixed single payment to get these paid off in a matter of months.

    If you go this route, be prepared to cut all the cards up. They don’t allow you to keep them open.

    You would not qualify for a debt consolidation loan unless you own a house and have some equity you can pull out..but even that is probably not going to happen.

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