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Debt Consolidation Options Freedom Debt Relief Learn about your debt consolidation options, including mortgage refinance loans, debt settlement, and credit counseling in this video hosted by Brad Stroh, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Debt consolidation options include refinancing your mortgage to pay off other debts, receiving credit counseling, or reaching a debt settlement with your lenders. Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Brad Stroh, reviews when each of these options is appropriate and how each will affect your credit rating. He also reviews the long-term costs of each option. Before choosing one, determine whether your goals are lower payments or paying off the debt faster, and then contact a reputable provider to begin the process. Visit for more personal financial advice and information.


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  1. StudentLoansEscape says:
  2. MathewOwen1981 says:
    Good info, someone also mentioned a site Canadian’s and having debt problems, with just 1 phone call can eliminate your debt by up to 60%, it’s true, see for yourself.
  3. abridgewater101 says:
    Nice video out there :) Your video is a source of learning :) take a glance of my video :)
  4. nancyllang says:
    Due to the recession, credit card companies are now offering bail-out programs. To see if you qualify, visit us @
  5. blisacomo says:
  6. Debt0Advice says:
    Debt consolidation advice.
  7. debtgotoguy says:
    In case you don’t know, Brad Stroh is one of the great ethical business leaders of his generation. In 2003 my partners and I set out to research the debt settlement industry. We offered debt settlement and other financial services since 2001, but had higher standards for our clients. After a few months, we met Brad & his team face to face. We GRILLED them. They passed with flying colors. Brad has made us look good taking care of our debt settlement clients *exceptionally well* ever since.

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