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Debt consolidation plan and paying extra?

I just started a debt consolidation plan. I had to because I am having a baby in March and need to be able to save some money before she arrives rather than stressing over credit card payments, fees, etc. I have already resigned to the fact that my credit will be in the toilet for awhile.

My question is, am I able to pay extra in the months where I have extra? Do I send it to the debt place or to the credit card companies individually?

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2 Responses to "Debt consolidation plan and paying extra?"

  1. JASON M says:
    Common situation you met like many other people,be patient,and check the resource here i found useful.
  2. andyj00 says:
    As you have consolidated all of your debts I assume you now have only one debt? Having only one debt means you only have one lender.
    Contact your lender and ask them their terms for making overpayments on your debt. You may find there are penalties so check first. All companies are different so I dont think anyone can give a true answer. Best of luck.

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