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Debt Management Tips : How to File Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy involves choosing between a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and should be done with the aid of a lawyer. Consider credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy with tips from a certified public accountant and credit counselor in this free video on debt management. Expert: Jerrie Guthrey Bio: Jerrie Guthrey has been a certified public accountant and credit counselor since 1992. Filmmaker: Jack Guthrey


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16 Responses to "Debt Management Tips : How to File Bankruptcy"

  1. draconian45 says:
    Voice is too annoying. Had to turn off.
  2. zainsfashion says:
    @VictorS2003 true

    i would get bankrupt for her

  3. VictorS2003 says:
    I like her voice, lol
  4. wolfgar50 says:
    a managable time period set by your creditors probably..
  5. FrappuccinoToronto says:
    what is this little thing on that table?
  6. TheLifeImprovement says:
    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement
  7. skylarportland says:
    Exactly. Even if you go through consumer credit counseling, your credit is still harmed almost as bad ( consumer credit is just a baby step up from bankruptcy ), BUT you’re having to pay a couple hundred $ usually, every month, and that mark still stays on your credit, which harms if you should need to finance a vehicle, home, etc.

    Loans tend to use your debt/income ratio now, so filing bankruptcy loosens this ratio up, thereby increasing your loan options if you chose to.

  8. japinoboysf says:
    what is her accent?
  9. ayvnielsen1 says:
    she must be an attorney…she cant give a straight answer…in ch 7. it all gets wiped away right away, and in ch 13 you pay a little every month for 3-5 yrs, then the rest gets wiped away…good way to save your house if your behind
  10. NeedFinancialHelp says:
    If anyone is in need of medical or financial assistance, please visit us at NeedFinancialHelp (dot) org. We are non profit. We have helped many people get back on their feet and there are NO fees, we are free.
  11. choirsinger123 says:
    Her accent is soo strong- I keep getting distracted and forget what she is saying!
  12. emolium1 says:
    Please read this because it acually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.Put both of your hands on your chest
    2.Think of´╗┐ someone thatyou like……
    3.Tommorow that person will ask you out or say i love you.
    4.Heres the catch just send to 5 more videos
  13. 333Jewels says:
    Are you a Bankruptcy Lawyer?
  14. tormozat says:
    Consumer credit agancies are funded by
    credit cart companies .
  15. tormozat says:
    chater 7 is a code in constitution of united state to help people for a new start this lawyers all work for credit card companies do a research on usary law and find out why all credit card companis are in delaware .
  16. sowhatdude1 says:
    Thanks for the laugh! :O)

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