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Debt Settlement – Vital Settlement Pro A self help software which can help you get out of debt. Stop paying thousands to debt settlement companies which just put you in a worse position. New software from Vital Software Corporation settles your unsecured debt, often for less than half of what is owed. Secure 24 hour online access to view status of settlement offers and accounts. Settlement Pro’s interface creates an environment that makes it easier for you to communicate with your creditors. http


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6 Responses to "Debt Settlement – Vital Settlement Pro"

  1. Mrbryant213 says:
    This is why I love youtube
  2. all4changing says:
    I’m glad someone is finally trying to help the consumer.
  3. MrThevoice2000 says:
    I had been interacting with the system and I had been impress with the amount of information it has on it. I am still using the system in self savings mode and it has been working for me so far, not settlements as yet. Is there any one has any comments about this software and if it is better use a different type of savings?? any help is fine??
  4. RHCPeppers85 says:
    Just enrolled.. seems pretty straightforward – apparently in about 14 months I should be able to settle my 5 credit cards. I didnt expect it to actually be free..
  5. MrThevoice2000 says:
    I just signed in the software and the system vas very user friendly a couldn’t chat with anyone but it hasn’t ask me for any money yet>>> i will post it I found that it is a scam with it…….
  6. MrThevoice2000 says:
    This system looks great

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