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Defending My Home from Foreclosure. Foreclosure Defense.

Foreclosure sucks. I’ve been fighting foreclosure, pro se, for 2 1/2 years and we are still in our home and want to help other families stay in their home too. Please visit for foreclosure defense strategies that apply in Florida and other states. There is help for foreclosure, loan modifications, short sales, and other mortgage issues. Do not give up and do not walk away. You have legal rights and need to defend yourself whether with a lawyer or as a pro se. Thank you!

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10 Responses to "Defending My Home from Foreclosure. Foreclosure Defense."

  1. LFurfari says:
    Hello Everyone ! Have you ever seen or heard of the popular television series ” C.S.I ” ( which stands for Crime Scene Investigation ) ?
    In this television series, it is the job of a group of investigators to find forensic evidence at various crimes scenes to be used as evidence against the perpetrator of the crime.
  2. LFurfari says:
    We at National Forensic Group do something very similar, except we are on a different crime scene — the bank fraud crime scene.
    Are you current or in foreclosure ? Would you like to know how you can get your mortgage down 20%-60%, and possibly even receive fine money for fraud perpetrated upon you and your family by the U.S. banks ?
    Call John Nicholson NOW for a free consultation 631/741-1757
  3. Echelon2600 says:
    *typo correction* I began fighting unlawful foreclosure in the private venue in February of 2009, and in the public venue (in court) August of 2010. I’ve not made any payments since the fight began, am still in my home and am still fighting. I have 3 more lawsuits and a nice collection of both statutory and common law criminal charges on the way to them.
  4. Echelon2600 says:
    Fighting sui juris, by the way (no attorney — ip se and not pro se)…
  5. Echelon2600 says:
    My experience has been that the attorneys don’t care in the least about truth and merit so long as they can keep those things from coming to light based on technicalities and dirty tricks. I can’t wait to see their surprise when the arrests begin and the new suits are served. :)
  6. Eraser7622 says:
    So, how about an update? Did you win? Lose? what happened?
  7. ANYSIA000 says:
    Stop you forclosure before its to late. Go to [icansuemylender. com] The reason the website name is apart is youtube wont let you post website names as comments. so go to this site it will help you, it helped me SAVE MINE !!
  8. AdEMotion1 says:
    Great Video!
  9. 23drumstick says:
    Drew, thank you for sharing your experience with others.
    Hopefully you will shine a light on a very serious problem across our nation.

    Every parent needs to realize the roof over your head and over your family is your Number 1 Priority.

    It all starts there.

    God bless~

  10. ylm0816 says:
    Foreclosure does suck and hopefully people won’t just walk away. Those empty houses look so sad, you can’t help but think of all the families whose lives were turned upside down.

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