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(((Detroit Investor ))) explains cheap Detroit foreclosure properties

Things are heating up fast in Detroit’s foreclosure investment market. We keep you up to date on what is happening in America’s most aggressive housing market.

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25 Responses to "(((Detroit Investor ))) explains cheap Detroit foreclosure properties"

  1. toranamunter says:
    @910364 haha he just said “prices are through the roof” and “good investment” in the same sentence. Do you think the magical property price up machine will just keep spinning in Australia? China is busily accruing resources in countries where production is a tiny fraction of Australian unionised labour, China is desperate to dump their Australian suppliers. In my opinion, its a house of cards. And the Oz media would have you believe the strong $AUD is a good thing! hilarious.
  2. telemetry9 says:
    the problem is………without an economic heart. how are those communities going to stay alive.?
  3. bestamerica says:

    what is wrong with the city of detroit, government, UAW,,,
    how cause the detroit ruin,,,
    who did that,,,
    come on time to clean up and fix the nice pretty city of detroit
  4. NoMoreMJCVI says:
    @Lawdhavmerci1972 I got a much nicer place here in the midwest, without the crime and arsonist running around! Detroit is a dirty has-been place. I would know. I drove out of there for years as a trucker… You don’t fool me!
  5. Pexterable says:
    lol “it’s a competitive market out here in Detroit,” who the hell is he kidding? 50 percent unemployment? Who the hell wants to buy a house in that city? F that. Anyone know how high property taxes are out there? I’m sure it’s ridiculous since they’re are so many non-producer there waiting for a handout.
  6. niceslug says:
    @FrankeeFraud sorry mate I am an Aussie, and I would nt invest there, but as for the blacks causing this is garbage, the town was built on the making of automobiles, and that is now sunk, modern day version of the ghost town, just bigger. the only people left are those with out resources that can not aford to leave, a pityful scenarion, it will eventually return to an agridultural town, if the local people there who are motivated are smart they will start looking at now.
  7. xxa455xx says:
    @Krifko not every neighborhood in Detroit is bad get real
  8. 910364 says:
    Australians are smarter and would even buy there, house prices here are through the roof and good investments not like the US. The world knows the US is fucked not blaming your people but somewhere a long the line your country dropped the ball and now is suffering And now third world countries are starting to rise which western countries can’t compet with anymore Even though Australia has the best econmony in the world but that can change overnight and lot of that depends on china as well
  9. 910364 says:
    eventually it will be trashed
  10. Krifko says:
    How is this ‘investing’? You are buying shit property in an economically and socially depressed area. There is a reason why these houses are cheap – they are worthless. It is like buying deck chairs on the Titanic… while it is sinking. By the way, no offence, but everything about you screams “sham” to me. What real estate ‘tycoon’ is unshaven, wears a ragged hat with a cheap t-shirt, and uploads weird videos? Come on.
  11. Lawdhavmerci1972 says:
    @NoMoreMJCVI Just ignorant undereducated folks like yourself!
  12. NoMoreMJCVI says:
    Too cold, and too many jiggaboo’s. I live in the middle of the country, out in the woods. No jiggaboo’s, and industry nearby for good jobs. LOL!
  13. magprob says:
    In Detroit, a hot market means that the natives are burning that sucka down!!!
  14. GreatDespair says:
    hahahahh…. 1 dollar house… They flee and sell that shit.
  15. zimmaman19 says:
    lol. yeah i’m gonna take investment advice from some junkie monkey.If the market is being spruiked by a negro with no shirt or tie and a 3 day growth it is not hot. its shot.
  16. yamahonkawazuki says:
    @proshea01 exactly. if the person, lost the house, and volonte or shea or anyone else bid up high enough to get it, and you didnt get it back, then no one is a criminal. id like to get a few of these properties. but dont want to buy a block of a war zone. will have to hire someone to have a look-see around the area first before i do
  17. bicepsca says:
    @Themarion1803 who is a crook the guy who made this video??
  18. JBLAKIE1 says:
    damn this dude is shady as fuck, worse than any used car salesman
  19. FrankeeFraud says:
    If you live in England, I’d advise you to never set foot in Detroit, investment-wise, or otherwise, for your financial, as well as physical well being. I realize being an English Socialist fruitcake makes you want to blame the rich for everything, but that is NOT the case here. Negroes rioted & destroyed the Motor City all by themselves; Whites left, and never returned. By the way, don’t you think MICHIGAN investors would buy property in Detroit if it made any sense? City ALREADY sunk, moron!
  20. eliasnavytanga says:

    I don’t agree with that assumption, Detriot screwed up because wall street bankers who were greedy to steal from the poor, car industry is what kept the CITY going, and no Black person owned the CAR industrial. So please get your fact right before you blurt out. I live in England and I’m planning to invest in Detroit, no crazy leader is going to let the big city like that sink.

  21. JohnnyClash says:
    Hmmm. maybe the selling agent removed the key as a strategy to generate bids?
  22. FrankeeFraud says:
    Yep, you’d better count on buyers from “California” or “Australia”, cause they’re not aware of the Negroes, and they way they turned an American powerhouse into Hiroshima faster than you can say, “Where da chicken be at?” So sad.
  23. proshea01 says:
    I’mgoing to do a video today and show u what it is to be slandered without hearing the entire story, stay tuned buddy
  24. proshea01 says:
    I told u once, if your going to tell the story, tell the whole story, you lost your home for a 100 bucks, volonte went to the county building and bidded $101 which he won, his only crime was doing anything with this property before the redemption period was over, had u not came up with the 100 bucks to get your home back, this would not be a conversation right now, so before you slander my name, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT and tell the whole story not the part that will make u look kike the victim
  25. Themarion1803 says:
    this house is yours?you rent out houses that you do not own. willliams rented mine and slso tried to sell it. i had to go to court and get my house back he collected all the rents. he is a crook, volonte williams.

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