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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » Did you know after the communist took control of Russia they raped and murdered millions of Nuns and Priests?

Did you know after the communist took control of Russia they raped and murdered millions of Nuns and Priests?

The Communist tried to take control of Russia for sixty years. When they finally got their world war that they had planned for so long they set about killing the intelligentsia of Russia. They systemtically killed millions of scientist, doctors, generals, professors and anyone who could have lead the Russian people to take their country back from the communist. The Jews even said the same thing happened to them during WWI. They said they were gassed and made into soap, but recanted all those lies after a couple years. This is a fact! The World Wars were financed by the Jews and they made billions from these wars. So would you agree that even if this holocaust they keep harping about were would you say that they deserve anything that happened to them, because if it weren’t for them there would have been no war? My second question is should the rest of the population just tell them to shut up and move on and try to get along?


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4 Responses to "Did you know after the communist took control of Russia they raped and murdered millions of Nuns and Priests?"

  1. Secret Cola Ninja says:
    I don’t see any Jews ‘harping on’ about the holocaust. However, i do see you, and another person and another person who aren’t Jewish but are harping on about it. Bringing it up, but then saying everyone does. I don’t see it, so why don’t YOU get the chip off your shouder and move on?
  2. sapboy2001 says:
    The world wars were financed by the jews? I would love to see that “fact”. So you are asking did they all deserve to die because somebody didn’t like them? That is insane, this whole “question” is no question at all, merely a statement of your belief, which is sick. BTW Stalin killed 10 million + of his political enemies during which there was no war and the communists already had control.
    No child should be subject to weird experiments, torture, and systematic murder; regardless of someones beliefs.
  3. mixie says:
    Your opinions are immature and child like. I dont think you finished high school.
  4. Blue T says:
    So what are you smoking?

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