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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » “Dinner for one” The 90. rescue summit OR Euros for No One / German with English Subtitle

“Dinner for one” The 90. rescue summit OR Euros for No One / German with English Subtitle

The story is told in very short time. Every month miss Merkel makes a rescue Summit for the Euro. Her guests are the most important statesmen of europe. The little problem is anyway that in europe is no important stateman left. Only madame Merkel!


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25 Responses to "“Dinner for one” The 90. rescue summit OR Euros for No One / German with English Subtitle"

  1. elmakednos says:
  2. WasserKaiser says:
    Well done video. The EU disposed of democracy in a thicket of bureaucracy.
  3. Lintflas says:

    I can tell you what Germans think!

    All those irresponsible European leaders drove their economies right into the ground, and we will once again become the paymaster of Europe.
    We see how US/UK rating agencies declare war on the Euro-zone to throw a smokescreen over the actual problem, which is the MILLION TIMES WORSE US-Dollar.

    At the same time their disgusting media fans fear of a German 4th Reich, even though we NEVER asked to become the kindergartener of a decaying Europe.

  4. MedievalFairy says:
    Haha the one that does Merkel does the voice and the articulation very well!
  5. stupidjunk878 says:
    Very funny!
  6. afrodite122000 says:
    @Zarathustros yes , I did right after i wrote the comment and removed my comment about it at the same time
  7. EUXTV says:
    Du Flitzpieper… hilarious video… wish we would have thought of it….
  8. infokemp says:
  9. Allesgute6 says:
    I am desperate to read that some people have not understood that this parody makes a fool of BOTH Sarkozy and Merkel.

    The Germans are not proud of this portray of Merkel, they show her intentionally ridiculous, delusional and megalo. And also she knows how to get Sarkozy in her bed!

    I think some people are unable to grasp the humor of other people, especially when it comes from the Germans since they are their excuse not to reflect about their own history i.e. they are not allowed to be funny!

  10. yrodet77620 says:
    Well, with the rise of Germanophobia in the french left parties, I don’t know if it’s good to show the french present as a servant of Merkel. When I see this video, I’m worried about what the German think of the rest of Europe……
  11. jimmart32 says:
    Germans are truly hard working, how they have risen from the ashes of WWII.
    My respects to them!!
    Europe should speak german, I do.
    Greetings from Mexico.
  12. smilesudden says:
    So sad to see how many people here are engaged in insulting one another and other nations…
    What happened to tolerance and respect, and simply good manners? Grow up, and take criticism with dignity.
    And given what is happening in Europe right now, I do not see how this video is insulting anyone… It perfectly reflects the state of the today’s matters… I personally see it as a brilliant piece of satire…
  13. jj97101 says:
    Why does this have to turn into a racism issue? @ludvan67 people like you make me sick, if you don’t find it funny then fine but you do not have to insult a race because of it! This is just some one stating their opinion of what the euro summit is like. You can find it funny or not but please do not insult a race because of it. I am German and proud to be, I find it a little but funny as it is a tradition to watch it in Germany on New Years eve and therefore a parody, to me is funny. Please sto
  14. Rokkoko says:
    This is supposed to be funny? The German sense of humour escapes me yet again. Maybe after a few Schnäpse they laugh at it, all I could do was cringe. Lame and misses the mark completely.
  15. bember24 says:
    genial !!!!
  16. hatbrox says:
    @WinklePublishing maybe you should start learning how to use youtube before lecturing the Germans. In this particular case, you need to press the CC button on the bottom of the video, to enable the sub-titles.
  17. tver111 says:
    @seb389 I hope Euro will sink, like Titanic :D
  18. seb389 says:

    there are people comparing Merkel to Hitler and idiots to believe them so I don’t think there is any need to stir things up and add negative things on merkels back.
    I’m doing stand up comedy myself and i know when humour might become a weapon and can be hurtful. This is simply not funny , it’s propaganda.

  19. tver111 says:
    Napoleon and Hitler with skirt
  20. JumpDiffusion says:
    @WinklePublishing lol looks like an american is not even smart enough to turn the subtitles on….
  21. Zarathustros says:
    @seb389 LOL

    Do frenches never make jokes about sad things?

  22. seb389 says:
    and for germans to do this video is also pretty appalling. It shows also you have little knowledge of what is going on. To be funny, you need to be clever. You fail on both account here.
  23. seb389 says:
    I don’t know how making such a stupid vid will make things better. I’m french and I trust Merkel. French are not disciplined, spend more than what they have and we have a crook for President. She is tough but she has good reasons to be. She faces, almost alone, the worst financial crisis since the second world war. You don’t succeed if you’re not tough. Once again, I’m french and if we get out of this crisis, I will butler for Merkel anytime!
  24. Zarathustros says:
    @WinklePublishing Or maybe you lern how to activate the subtitle alone!

    Like all the othe people did…

  25. janozzy29 says:
    i prefer freddy finton instead of sarkozy

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