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Do Americans understand what INSOLVENCY means?? Do they know it’s BAD?


  1. If the FED says we are approaching insolvency, don’t they understand if we take Libya we’ll have all their? oil money? Do you know how much money that is and how much that will approve our balance sheet? Why...

  2. Why is it most Americans can’t tell the difference between High Gas Prices and personal insolvency/poverty ??? Could it be that Gas has remained at the same price for most of the World; but your Bush dollars...

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8 Responses to "Do Americans understand what INSOLVENCY means?? Do they know it’s BAD?"

  1. Fakename says:
    We are insolvent. if we raised taxes enough to pay our bills, our economy would collapse and we would fail. This puts America in a very weak position, which is what the socialists in charge want.
  2. ML says:
    Many don’t because they can always count on someone bailing them out — mommy, daddy, The Government.
  3. Prince of Madness says:
    I pity the idiot nation who thinks they can set the terms for collection.
  4. BabaBright says:
    Barney Frank doesn’t.
  5. LINDA R says:
    I know you said you can’t hear, however I hope you can read.

    The majority of people do not want to experience insolvency and that is why they have no confidence in Congress.

    People know it is bad to go broke,however they are being sold on false hope and deceit because they want to believe the Government can feed, clothe and house them.

    Those who think they have it bad today are clueless as to what the future holds for all of us. We need to take control of the mindless spending of a Power Drunk Democratic Congress and a Socialistic hell bent President!

    The face of deeper Recession or Depression is looming and too many people just don’t get it. That is BAD!

  6. Bob says:
    yes…but the Obama admin wants to destroy the US
  7. bozieu says:
    Coming from Latin solvare meaning=to pay
    in is the countrary non solvare and the meaning
    you cannot pay you bills you are insolvant like the golden State.
    The mains trouble are coming from the accent and you mofificate our words in french Insolvabilité .
    There is a solution :o rganiser son insolvablilité to avoid to pay back what you owe…

    Don’t worry here we knew this word for a long time and to day it do be the same but the euro is somewhere less sick than the dollar but the deficits are too hudge and increasing year per year.

  8. Robert T says:
    Pay cash for oil. our money is only good here, So what is traded!Food for oil was exploited by those administrating . To be without solvent

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