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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » Do both spouses have to pay on a joint student loan consolidation if one becomes disabled?

Do both spouses have to pay on a joint student loan consolidation if one becomes disabled?

There are two sets of loans in a federal consolidation. But one spouse became seriously disabled and is having a dismissal on his part. All that is left is the other spouse, yet both spouses took out the consolidation. What happens? does it just become the wife’s consolidation or are both still held to it. It doesn’t make any sense if the husband is right back at it and is at risk of a future default. The husband will always pay on the wife’s loans, able to or not.

One of you got confused here. the only thing I’m asking is if just the disabled spouse keeeps paying on the other, the loan by the non disabled is still a ongoing loan. Just the obligation of the disabled spouse only. that may occur if something like a divorce ever occurs.
So much for being disabled and trying to pay on the loan for years, now having one foot in the grave due to progression. There’s always something to look forward to in this life.


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4 Responses to "Do both spouses have to pay on a joint student loan consolidation if one becomes disabled?"

  1. LAzyPD says:
    Yeah. There is NO getting out of those student loans.
  2. jasin says:
    If its in your name you have to pay. Regardless of whether you are disabled or not. Now legally, the money has to come from you both or be payed for by you both, something like that, regardless of who physically pays on the loan. All debt and assets and what not is 50/50.
  3. Kyle Busch is an ......™ says:
    So you think because one party becomes disabled that both party’s loan obligation should be dismissed? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Not a chance in the world.
  4. Gypsy says:
    some student loans have disability clauses that release you from the balance if:
    you were not disabled at the time of the loan(s)


    you are fully & permanently disabled (unable to perform any type of work having lasted for over a year & anticipated to last on-going), apply for waiver & then are still disabled 3 years later

    Sometimes with proof of new fully disabling condition, they will hold off on payments for up to 3 years. However, as soon as the person is employable (at any job, even only part-time) then they are required to resume payments

    However, that only releases the disabled person. It does not release any co-signers

    Again, check with your lender to see what, if any of this, applies

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