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Do credit card consolidation really work?

If you have used a company to pay off your credit cards please tell me which ones are the best and if it really works. Examples would be great. Like say I have 4 cards that add up to 5,000 dollars what would be the monthly payment and stuff


  1. how does the whole credit card consolidation process work? i have\ about $25,000 or more of credit card debts and i really want to pay it all but just...

  2. Does credit card consolidation work or not? I have heard that some companies end up with all your money, are there any good credit consolidation companies and...

  3. i was thinking of paying credit cards off because collections. Should i use a credit card consolidation compan i was thinking of paying credit cards off because of collections. Should i use a credit card consolidation company to...

  4. how good does my credit have to be to get credit card debt consolidation? If I let my cards slip for a while I don’t know how much they’ve hurt my credit. I need...

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  1. MadMan says:
    All that I have heard is that they do not work. And some of them just stop payments to the card companies, trash your credit and then settle for a reduced amount. The better thing to do is, once you have paid the minimum on each card, pay the maximum that you can towards the card with the highest interest rate. Once this is gone, pay down the card with the next highest interest rate and so on. In addition, do not use credit cards again. This is really the best way to deal with your debt.

    Good luck.

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