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Do I have Rights During a Foreclosure – Foreclosure Defense Help | Stop Foreclosure Fraud

Foreclosure Defense In this video, Michael Waters explains if you have rights during a foreclosure. “The question is, do I have rights in the foreclosure issue. Rights often refers to the constitution or civil rights or what have you, you have contractual rights. Bottom line is, we should be paying our debts, that’s what the law says, and there’s no right that allows you to skip away on a debt. However, with that being said, the banks are heavily watched by the government. They have all kinds of rules and regulations under which they are supposed to do things and required to do things. And it’s these that most people are unaware of. There’s disclosure laws, there’s all kinds of laws that apply to when a bank does foreclosure, that they do it in the right way, that they do it in the moral and ethical way and the way prescribed by the law. Now these rights vary from state to state. Some state’s give you longer, some state’s give you shorter, some state’s don’t specify, some states list very specifically what your rights are. We can’t answer that question, but one of things we do in our book is we do give you the resources and places to start looking. If you want to download that book you can, it’s free. Just click below and you can download the eBook. It’s a great read, it’ll get you really understanding deeply what this program is about. If you want to know your rights in a particular state, spending time to consult with an attorney for an


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