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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Do you think using “Reconciliation” to force health care down our throat is unconstitutional?

Do you think using “Reconciliation” to force health care down our throat is unconstitutional?

From what I understand is that reconciliation was not established to pass massive legislation. It was adopted for passing budgets to avoid government insolvency. What do you think?


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4 Responses to "Do you think using “Reconciliation” to force health care down our throat is unconstitutional?"

  1. wedoitallvegas says:
    unconstitutional – no
    unethical – pretty much
    kinda creepy – definately
  2. JW B says:
    You understand wrong.

    “Senior GOP sources cited by Roll Call Thursday said that Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin has ruled that the controversial reconciliation procedure can only be used to push through a bill of health care “fixes” after the president has signed the main Senate health bill into law.”

    Reconciliation would only be used to pass certain additions to the main Senate bill when and if the main bill is passed and signed into law.

  3. primec2 says:
    Congress makes its own rules. There’s nothing unconstitutional about it.
  4. virgod says:
    Yes, it is and “wedotail” respondent in here is being true to the major neomarxist tactics of his/her fuhrer: Lie as long as it takes for it to sounds like truth.

    The role of the gov is clearly stated in our Constitution. No matter how the gov calls its “offerings” – forcing on American citizens anything sold by the gov – is highly anti-Constitutional and therefore – is a high crime. My hope is to see hussein obama and his goons to be charged, tried and punished accordingly for their numerous high crimes . Thanks

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