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does anyone haave any info on new hope debt relief?

i am considering using new hope debt relief to take care of my debt. does anyone know anything about this company? it says that they’ve been featured on cnbc, time and other places. any info will help. thanks.


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3 Responses to "does anyone haave any info on new hope debt relief?"

  1. ocalafarms says:
    I would call this number and ask if they could refer you to a place in your area 1-800-245-1865

    They are non-profit, I only had to pay a one time $20 fee for their help.

    I recommended them to my co-worker and she loves the org. too. I’m just not sure if they are outside of FL but if not, maybe they can recommend an equally good non-profit Credit Counseling service in your area.

    This place was featured on Oprah…don’t laugh, they are good.

    And they are all really nice Rated Better Business Bureau A+

  2. bdancer222 says:
    Debt settlement company. RUN AWAY!

    Debt settlement companies take your money and let all your debts go 90+ days past due. Then they make lowball settlement offers. Not only does this trash your credit, but most credit card companies refuse to play and will immediately sue you. The settlement company won’t be around to help with the lawsuits.

    If you are having problems keeping up with your credit card payments, check into an NFCC credit counseling: These are legit, non-profit companies that offer debt management programs for a nominal fee. They negotiate lower interest and payments so that you can pay off your debt. When you complete the program, you will have decent credit.

  3. Rob says:
    It all depends on the amount of debt you owe. If they want you to send them money that they say they will hold for you until you have enough to settle your debt, then I am not sure that is a good plan to take. If you visit a webpage called you can read a free 35 page ebook on debt and find out about a company that helps you save up your own money with the goal of settling at a much less percentage than your total, for example if you owe $25,000 this company works with you to pay your debt at 10 to 20% of your balance so that means $2500 to $5000 and in 12 to 18 months, not years. They do have a fee which is either $3000 or $4000 and you can make payments but you stop making monthly payments to your creditors and the phone calls stop and the nasty demand letters stop coming too. If your debt is less than $10,000, I suggest you still try to settle and you can do that yourself and the way to do that is to stop making payments and they will come around to want to settle with you. But over $10,000 and using the company called Asset Protector Group will make it alot less stressful. It is worth the time to educate yourself and you can find them at the same webpage I mentioned earlier.
    Hope this helps.

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