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Does anyone have info on HARP 2.0?

I know the HARP program 2.0 just came out so details may be limited, but does anyone know if you can combine 2 mortgages into one under HARP? My loan is Fannie Mae owned and I’d be about 97% loan to assessed value. I’m pretty sure I can refi the 1st loan at minimum and keep the 2nd mortgage as is, but combining the 2 into 1 of course will save me the most. Loan one-6.75% and loan two-9.25% (a much lower principle on Loan 2) Thanks for any info.


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3 Responses to "Does anyone have info on HARP 2.0?"

  1. kemperk says:

    that is one of many service providers; this is NOT NOT NOT
    a recommendation to use them.

  2. Bob says:
    Below is a link to updates from the Fannie Mae website. They are eliminating the 125% LTV ceiling and changing some pricing of the product but nothing that will allow you to combine mortgages.

  3. Jef says:
    A loan “combining” the two is a Cash-Out refinance, which is HARP ineligible.

    As long as your 2nd morgagee (Junior Lender) is willing to subordinate to your primary lender, that 2nd should not be an issue.

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