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does anyone know a good bankruptcy attorney in dupage county?

Sorry it’s not for me, it’s for one of my Clients. Thanks for the feedback.


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4 Responses to "does anyone know a good bankruptcy attorney in dupage county?"

  1. Lucian Redleaf says:
    Look in the online yellow pages under Chicago – Bankruptcy – attorney
  2. Shayna says:
    Consolidate and pay off your debt. This way it builds character and teaches you how to be responsible for your own mistakes. Why should the rest of us pay for your irresponsibility with debt? Who do you think pays for bankruptcy? Let me tell you who. Everyone who is a consumer, eats the costs. If you made the debt, you pay the debt. Get a second job. Sell items that are unneeded. Pinch pennies. Call the places you owe money to and see if they can extend the time of paying. Pay what you can and when you can. Learn to live within your means. Don’t charge unnecessary items. Learn to budget your income. Write down what you earn and write down what your bills are and make a payment schedule. Eat at home, cut coupons, watch for sales, find free hobbies and entertainment and be responsible. You reap what you sow. You made the debt you pay the debt. Do not look for a scape goat to bail you out.
  3. Andy says:
    I strongly advise you to visit the bankruptcy court and sit through an hour or two of hearings and talk to the attorneys there and to their clients. Asking strangers for referral to a lawyer is not a good way to go about finding one; I even have reservations about asking your friends, since your problem may be more complex and demanding than theirs. Also try to visit the venue for the sec. 341 meetings of creditors. Having been at the court and sat through hearings, and at the 341 meetings, will make you less apprehensive — and also a more informed buyer of legal services.

    A “good” bankruptcy lawyer won’t be cheap, but if there are assets in your case paying for a lawyer who can (because he is paid enough) spend time with you and apply knowledge and research to your case and thus maximize your exemptions and your discharge.

    You will get the best results with your lawyer if you do your own research in advance and get your papers in order. Nolo Press has a good book for laypersons that you can probably find in the library. the NCLC has a good general work for lawyers that is quite readable, and you may find it in your county law library.

    Illinois is not a very debtor-friendly jurisdiction, but even there some pre-bankruptcy planning may be possible.

    And don’t forget you need to undergo “credit counseling” before you file. You can do that online.

    Good luck.

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