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Does anyone know of a good Bankruptcy Attorney?

I live in the Northridge, Ca and I am looking for a confident, reliable and reasonable bankruptcy attorney. Also; how much should I be expected to pay. It is for my wife and myself. we own a home and that is it. It shouldn’t be to complicated.


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2 Responses to "Does anyone know of a good Bankruptcy Attorney?"

  1. Melissa F says:
    Check your local phone book and ask how long the attorney has been doing bankruptcy. If you happen to know someone who filed, ask who they used. The attorney fees vary greatly so call around. Since you own a home you definitely want to use a lawyer for the bankruptcy.
  2. sirrrrmike says:
    I got my bankruptcy done with Lexington Law Group. They are pretty good at what they do and most importantly they are direct. They gave me good real answers as to whether I would qualify for a bankruptcy. Lexington Law Group has an office in Beverly Hills, but its worth the drive. I know you are in Northridge, but in Los Angeles you just hop onto the freeway and you can hop onto the 405 freeway and you’ll get to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or wherever in 15 minutes. I personally live in Woodland Hills and it was quick.

    As for fees they are pretty reasonable. I remember them saying that they charge mostly based on the persons situation. So if your situation is easy it should be cheap. I paid $2k and had only 30k in debt that they wiped out. I believe their website is or contact the attorney I worked with directly tell him Martha and Miguel referred you.

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