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Does debt consolidation work?

I am seriously considering debt consolidation, really need to get out from under loads of late fees and the companies just keep raising the interest rates, and I can’t see any other way out. Has anyone had experience with consolidating their debts? Good, bad, any opinion at all, will help. Thanks, peace.


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  2. What is the best site for Christian debt consolidation? Is it better than regular debt consolidation? I have 3 different credit cards that now have over 20% interest rates because I was late on one payment....

  3. What questions do I need to ask to get the best rates and terms on a Federal Student Loan consolidation? Interest rates (Sallie Mae) will most likely be going up on July 1. I have received many, many offers in...

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  5. How does debt consolidation work? I am looking online to see if I can find a place that can consolidate my debt. All I am...

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2 Responses to "Does debt consolidation work?"

  1. Mike K says:
    There are many debt-consolidation options out today. We have loans, credit cards for balance transfers and home equity lines of credit. These debt consolidation options are here to help you with your Debt problems but many customers end up with the same amount of debt with in two years.

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  2. Dan D says:
    I was in debt about till about 6 months ago. I found this free E-Book that basically answered every single one of my question and helped me get totally out of debt. Its at .It was %100 free and within 20 seconds your emailed both ebooks. I now am able to answer the phone every time it rings and actually know for the first time in my life its not a creditor.check out

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