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Does Foreclosure Mediation Work? Is it a guaranteed fix to your problem, or just another waste of time? It’s not a waste of time and may be the answer you have been looking for. Right now, in the State of Florida, you are entitled to have foreclosure mediation and the bank is required to pay for it.


  1. How does shorting on a foreclosure work? Can you explain the process of shorting on a foreclosure? How do the negotiations work with the lien holders? What...

  2. Mediation Best Solution to Foreclosure Crisis Everyone out there is trying to do their bit to save every single house from foreclosure. One such example is...

  3. I was just served a Foreclosure Mediation notice? I can’t afford the condo i’m in any longer and the Attorney that wants to do a DIL wants 1,000....

  4. How can I stop foreclosure without paying a realtor or a attorney any fees in San Diego any mediation services? ...

  5. how does the whole credit card consolidation process work? i have\ about $25,000 or more of credit card debts and i really want to pay it all but just...

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