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Does getting a student loan affect trying to refinance a home?

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  1. If my Dad cosigns for my student loan will it affect his ability to get a loan to refinance his house? I need a cosigner for my student loan this semester which would probably be around $9,000 in January. My dad...

  2. Best way to refinance the student loan? My girlfriend has an outstanding student loan of $3,000 with 8% annual interest day. What’s the best way to refinance...

  3. How can one refinance a student loan if it is already consolidated? How come one can refinance cars, houses, loans, etc, except student loans. You get a consolidated rate versus refinancing a...

  4. Can you refinance a student loan before repayment begins? If you have a student loan with a co-signer, can the borrower refinance that loan and put the loan strictly...

  5. Will my student loan consolidation loan affect my mortgage pre-approval? I am in the process of consolidating my student loans but I am going to graduate school this summer so...

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2 Responses to "Does getting a student loan affect trying to refinance a home?"

  1. xkiss_thisx2 says:
    I see there are alot of people on here trying to get others to take out loans, please dont consider anyone with a yahoo email cant be anything but trouble. No a student loan will not affect anything.
  2. Kenneth Q says:
    Well as far as my knowledge goes Student loan doesn’t effect refinancing a home…

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