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Does legitimate debt consolidation companies exists?

I found it hard to search for best debt consolidation company as very few are legitimate.


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  2. Are there any legitimate debt consolidation companies out there that are not rip-offs? I am looking to consolidate a large chunk of debt, and I am hoping to lower my interest rate to...

  3. are there any debt consolidation service companies in the philippines? i’ve heard and read about this debt consolidation services online but havent found any in the philippines. anyone know if...

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4 Responses to "Does legitimate debt consolidation companies exists?"

  1. Steve B says:
    Correct = many simply take your money and deliver nothing but excuses .. even the ‘legitimate’ ones are mainly ‘consultants’ who will ‘advise’ you to take out a some mega-expensive loan that pays them the maximium comission (their fees are added to the loan = so they get paid even if you default on the loan)

    Go visit your local CAB (Citizens Advise Bureau) or check out the Government web site ..

  2. Judy says:
    Always google the name of a company followed by the word
    complaint, scam, rip-off.
    The main complaints are that people end up paying more interest than ever since the loan term is extended. Also it frees up money for them, and they get even more into debt even though they tried hard not to.
    Some of these companies are outright scams – so be careful.

    Consider getting a book at your library on Credit / Debt Repair. Also at bookstores.
    They will teach you how to pay down debt, negotiate with your creditors, reduce interest rates, and even settle.
    You can do this yourself, just give it a try.
    In the US there is a company called – they are a non profit – federally approved.
    They will charge you max $25/ month to help you and put you in a debt management program.

  3. John says:
    Sorry but I have slightly different view then other.
    There are many giants in this field also. You may try to get the best deal from such


    Many such provide good benefits you may at least try for their free consultancy, which also

    proves beneficial.

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