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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Law » Does the plaintiff need an Assignment of Mortgage to foreclose on my home?

Does the plaintiff need an Assignment of Mortgage to foreclose on my home?

Jacksonville, Florida foreclosure defense attorney Chip Parker discusses the necessity of an assignment of mortgage when someone other than your original lender is attempting to foreclose on your home.


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13 Responses to "Does the plaintiff need an Assignment of Mortgage to foreclose on my home?"

  1. rotnflesh says:
    UPDATE: the MERS fraud opens new venues for debt validation: google: +”the 5 letters” +”original instrument”

    Read it. Once they sell the note, you owe them nothing.

  2. rotnflesh says:
    @leonvoltaire The Vatican is beholden to the Queen of England; the Royal Family uses it as a depository for history and wealth.

    The Royal Family has their hands in almost every economy and receives “tributary tax” from just about every country they colonized, including the US.

  3. leonvoltaire says:
    @rotnflesh “you’d be surprised how raped you are” and even more surprised to it’s the Vatican at the top!
  4. altha2008 says:
    is there a due on sell if a motage is assinged to another person or the residence of te property changes hands
  5. rotnflesh says:
    You think that $5 Federal Reserve Note in your pocket is money? It represents $5 of DEBT: You can return it to the Federal Reserve only to pay off $5 of Public Debt.

    This Debt is called an “odious debt”. Congress does not have the power to issue debt as currency, but they have the power to “borrow on the credit of the United States” (source: US Constitution?)

    Study your Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, and the Law of Universal Human Rights; you’d be surprised how raped you are.

  6. rotnflesh says:
    Bills of exchange thus transformed act as currency, disposable as promissory notes.

    Essentially, your instrument of indebtedness becomes the value (this is the Accepted for Value process) of the mortgage. The bank then sells the mortgage instrument, and collects payment for you, doubling their collection of debt.

    Remember: you cannot LAWFULLY pay for a debt; you can only discharge it. The debt in this country will never be repaid; it can only be discharged through balancing the books.

  7. rotnflesh says:
    One thing this lawyer, and all lawyers, will not tell you is that when you sign a contract for a mortgage, the bank IMMEDIATELY CREATES THE MONEY FOR YOUR MORTGAGE.

    Yep, that’s right: The money never existed before; the bank created a DEBT you must fulfill/discharge.

    Since they remove lawful money from the system in 1933, we have promissory notes and bills of exchange.

    In universal/global contractual law (Uniform Commercial Code in the US), bills of exhcnage are currency with 3 signatories.

  8. DLAMBOY says:
    This is great information
  9. l0hz052 says:
    Secondly, what in hell are you doing filming what is essentially a legal clinic while you are traveling at speeds in excess of 50 miles an hour (WTF)? Would it not be safer (and smarter) to do these clinics at a park or on a sidewalk somewhere?

    Chip, if you wreck, the FHP will create a new charge: “Law Lecturing While Driving.”

  10. l0hz052 says:
    Thank you for attempting to help the public.
    Chip, my concerns are that 1) your moniker is “Bankruptcy Law Center”. Is it not true that all of these dilatory tactics and legal loopholes only serve to piss off a judge who already wants to dispose of your forclosure case in a timely manner (i.e., judicial economy). And if you are a bankruptcy lawyer, is your ultimate objective to convince the client to file bankruptcy? After all, isn’t that your main area of practice?
  11. tapeatsbill says:
    moissanitestar – you could not be more wrong. I was a bank asset manager and lender for years. He is spot on. He is helping people. You need to educate yourself before you comment.
  12. paperhanger1969 says:
    Pretender lenders are stealing homes, that the investors may have allready been paid thru AIG insurance, or other means.
    Where do you think 700 Billion went?
    I am defending myselp Pro Se and I thank him for his advice.
  13. moissanitestar says:
    This guy is feeding off the financial grief of others! Stay Away!

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