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Donald Trump Failure Called Out In MSNBC Interview

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur speaks with Michael Isikoff about his hard-hitting interview with potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


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23 Responses to "Donald Trump Failure Called Out In MSNBC Interview"

  1. ninjakram says:
    The oompa loompa spray tan is a failure.
  2. ppitstop38 says:
    It takes unadulterated narcissism to make the statements Trump does and with a straight face.
  3. ppitstop38 says:
    Bankruptcy – “err, not failure” – no, in cases like his, it’s taking advantage of the laws to walk away without paying.
  4. agreenworld89 says:
    that’s why politicians can never be good business people… For the past 10 years we’ve seen the US economy continually getting flushed down the toilet and dragging the rest of the world down with them… Trump knows how money works and if he became president he would revolutionize the economy and probably bring us into a new era…
  5. SwagJuiceBWC says:
    Trump puts his name on things..people buy stocks thinking its a great investment because of the trump name…Trump pays himself huge amounts of money out of the company and lets it go bankrupt…Stock holders get fucked. He calls himself a genius because he is good at legally robbing people
  6. GeneralLenkento says:
    Well if anyone here has any intellegence they would realize Donald would save all of our asses he is a buisnessman. You all realize he has made 8 companies rich. inlcuding himself. Holy shit its a miracle a pres we dont have to save!!!!! (buisness is a gamble)
  7. Nashvillesuperstar says:
    THE LONG RUN….’the deal in the works’, the BENCHMARKS of this man’s successes, the deal as it progresses…always half FULL, but beward of the evil eye surely to discredit and minimize him…

    There is a golden thread of genius in this man’s brainpower that will quilt the entirety of his great work of art…priceless…the valuation of him is billions PLUS…
    His next step as President will act as a catalyst to bridge global alliances.
    Trump is universal, not local

  8. tallswede80 says:
    A guy like that is dangerous, pathological liar. No wonder he hates Ron Paul so much. It highlights so many of his infirmities.
  9. carlobari60 says:
    Trump is a male whore with nothing but a big mouth. No money, no integrity and no education past 3rd grade. Make him show his diploma! In the mid 80′s I met a man that told me he knew Trumps father and said he was just as much a crook as the son.
  10. smallpotatoes989 says:
    the funny thing is that this whole interview was set up by trump-the shit would come out eventualy so better be in a controled interview so you can manage it.
    DAMN I AM SMARTH! TRUMP SHOULD CONSIDER TO HIRE ME. but the problem is I am a short guy, and writing that and giving it importance indacates even more how smarth I am.
  11. lapugenero says:
    Honestly, I don’t see why the people who paid for the seminar should have justice. If you’re enough of a fucking moron to buy into this crap then you deserve to be robbed.
  12. septogram7 says:
    He is really orange.
  13. 83rbaird says:
    I really like TYT.. they really get at the heart of things that mainstream media don’t
  14. lookslikepat says:
    Well, his personalty matches the hair…
  15. ganjaking187 says:
    its all about the hair, if you wanna be a billionaire you have to get a squirrel/rat comeover lol
  16. ThePelicans44 says:
    Trump sucks, the interviewer sucked, Fox sucks, msnbc sucks, cnn sucks.
  17. fleetwoodmac4susan says:
    “I’ve used the laws of this country to pare debt. … We’ll have the company. We’ll throw it into a chapter. We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know, it’s like on ‘The Apprentice.’ It’s not personal. It’s just business,” Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last Thursday.


  18. ExodusPessoa says:
    You’re correct he didn’t run for probably that reason.
  19. BeeFittyTwooz says:
    Donald Trump may be a self-pretentious, ignorant fuck… But Fox news are just the stupidest, rudest fucking morons on the planet. They better not bring it to Canada, or sombody gonna getta hert, reeeeaaaaal baaad!
  20. DaBigChalk1991 says:
    I hate when people refer to themselves in the 3rd person. Except The Rock, he’s allowed do that
  21. miamiorlando1 says:
    Just stealing people’s money and people filing suit as this class was a piece of crap….
  22. miamiorlando1 says:
    You don’t know about University? This guy lies, lies, lies and lies some more. A side show at best. Ignorance and arrogance.
  23. miamiorlando1 says:
    People will be impressed? Not!!!!

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