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donald trump Gets Bitchslapped by President Barack Obama – April 2011

Four-Time Bankruptcy filer and ‘birther’ Kook donald trump gets a good solid Bitchslap on his recent idiocy over Our President’s eligibility to be Our President and the Birth Certificate nonsense started by Racists who were unhappy that their Duly Elected President is Black.

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25 Responses to "donald trump Gets Bitchslapped by President Barack Obama – April 2011"

  1. mccainisthroughX says:

    Yes. Idiot and Failure trump owes five times what he’s “worth,” which is zero. trump’s five Bankruptcies speak for themselves, and for trump. trump is a terrible “businessman” and a political ans human joke. Thanks for watching too! Be Well!

  2. Slotzan says:
    trump’s just losing all his daddies money
  3. mccainisthroughX says:

    He is always deliberately tough on Idiots, and trump is the King of Idiots. Thanks for watching and sharing your opinion too! Have a great weekend!

  4. hobbo3003 says:
    Lawrence is such a jerk. I wonder if he is this mean In his personal life haha. Trump deserved it though.
  5. mccainisthroughX says:

    Well said! trump is a desperate attention-starved Kook who is nothing more than a failed businessman and Four-Time Bankruptcy-Filer who is well known with successful businessmen. trump is looking for attention and to boost his ratings in an attempt to make some money to pay off his billions in debt. trump should, and will be dismissed as a “Fool” if he attempts to break-in to politics further. Thanks for watching and commenting too! Be Well!

  6. VirgilB01 says:
    for the “folks”. See kids, it’s all about the money and not about what’s right or what you want. For all the trouble this man has caused he should be fired for this “sideshow” nonsense that he has caused for for our president, and the news media .Even if NBC wanted to keep the show they could use someone else, but no, it just wouldn’t be the same according to Greenblatt and other NBC execs, who are now showing their “true colors” and is also a embarrassment to NBC for their support of this man.
  7. VirgilB01 says:
    BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has just announced that he is NOT running for President. For all tthe supporters of this man (including Birthers) you should feel like a dope (and you should). You were warned of this, and now hopefully you’ll believe that this man is nothing more than a fraud and a troublemaker. Included in this breaking news is that Jeff Greenblatt (CEO of NBC Entertainment) has decieded to keep Mr. Trump for another season of “The Apprentice”. So much for NBC doing what’s right -
  8. mccainisthroughX says:

    Thanks! And thank you for watching too! Be Well!

  9. Siddis33 says:
    Fantastically well put.
  10. mccainisthroughX says:

    Four-Time Bankruptcy Filer and Failed businessman trump the Imbecile should be on his weak knees Praising Our President Barack Obama for reversing the disastrous policies of Unelected War Criminal and Incompetent religious Kook bush. bush collapsed Our Stock, Housing, Credit, Banking and Auto Markets, while President Barack Obama wrote a warning letter which preceded the housing collapse, not to mention, Saving the auto industry. GM had it’s Highest Profits since 1999 (Pr. Clinton). 

  11. mccainisthroughX says:

    …And, lets’ not forget that President Barack Obama focused on Killing Our Number One Enemy, bin Laden, when War Criminal and Incompetent bush Ignored the August 6 PDB and put up a “Mission Accomplished” banner after his Illegal Attack that Murdered 4,500 Americans and 1.3 Million Iraqis, the Phony “pro-lifer.” And, let’s not forget the 150-year High Oil Prices and Gas Prices of $150 a barrel and $4.90 a gallon, or the collapse of Our US dollar, or AIG Bailout for $800 Billion …

  12. mccainisthroughX says:

    LOL! Yes, let’s focus on President Barack Obama’s “Job” …Taking bush’s 45% Loss in the American People’s Investments UP 85%. The Dow was at 10,870 when President Clinton left office, and War Criminal and Moron bush, a religious Kook and Inept Fool, Sunk the Dow to a record loss, Down to 79,49, as well as adding $11 Trillion in New Debt, passing disastrous Outsourcing Foreign Tax Codes of 2.3% for companies that Fired Americans in well paying jobs and hiring Foreigners for pennies..

  13. prime440 says:
    lmaoooooo this bozo is falling for the same thing he claims trump is doing “Getting public attention “Lets forget about the real issues and point attention onto trump and away from obamas job! This is by design,dont be fooled.
  14. md991free says:
    @theawesomemanman No one told him to embrace the birther issue. He, Donald Trump put himself in that situation. He was told by countless people not to go there…in the land of the insane (birthers)

    He should have continued to enjoy his tacky reality like Snookie. You do not see Snookie claiming that Obama was born in Kenya.

  15. mccainisthroughX says:

    Excellent point! Thanks for watching too!

  16. EliteDoomer says:
    @ImStillBlind More importantly question what you read.
  17. TheEzekiel300 says:
    @mccainisthroughX I also have to say, Awesome picture on your profile! LOL!
  18. TheEzekiel300 says:
    @mccainisthroughX Thanks! No problem!
  19. mccainisthroughX says:

    No, the US Led Coalition’s attack on Ghadafi’s Murderous onslaught, that were exterminating mass amounts of innocent civilians without any reason, was not “necessary,” but most humanitarians would see the benefit of performing such a short-lived operation for the good of Libya and its citizenry. Violence is always a last alternative. Thanks for watching and commenting too!

  20. TheEzekiel300 says:
    @mccainisthroughX I liked Obama and everything, but was that Libya thing really necessary?
  21. hop21537 says:
    @alexdc22 well……get a big bag of fixaitiot because there is quite a few whom feel as i do. the cause will always, always and always be around. just because i hate obama, im a race mounger? itiot, pure itiot……P.P.S. remember! get your tummy meds, we are a force////WE THE PEOPLE////.
  22. mccainisthroughX says:

    Dam Straight! trump is a racist and Kook. Thanks!

  23. mccainisthroughX says:

    LOL! President Barack Obama will be reelected, especially now after Killing Scumbag bin Laden, something Incompetent and Unelected War Criminal bush couldn’t do in over 7 years, even after all the attacks on numerous uninvolved countries. Your just a sad racist Kook with the IQ of a turd, no offense to turds. trump is a Four-Time Bankruptcy Filer and Failure, period. America has already dismissed Moron and Kook trump. trump is over, like you racist Moron.

  24. mccainisthroughX says:

    Yes, that hop21537 is a complete dipshit. Thanks for watching too!

  25. alexdc22 says:
    i am so glad some one stood up and fired back against this racist pig.
    thank you msnbc

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