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Earthquakes caused by HAARP? Conspiracy Theory #77

I made this video several years ago when I was an infant opening my eyes to the larger reality of things. I admit it was a bit of a stretch, but they were only questions, not answers. And the more I study these ancient secret societies, the more I begin to realize, my questions probably are not too far off the mark. Look at what has happened within a few hundred miles. The Gulf Oil spill, the New Madrid fault line waking up, Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Mass Bird Deaths, Tornados, Floods, and now 2 possible Nuclear Meltdowns. I don’t KNOW, you do the MATH.


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25 Responses to "Earthquakes caused by HAARP? Conspiracy Theory #77"

  1. tharlia says:
    I’m with muffinsunited the fact that its #77 wasn enough to start me laughing
  2. DCBanjoCo says:
    The danger of HAARP is real.
  3. MuffinsUnited says:
    Conspiracy Theory #77
  4. supportdisclosure says:
    @exposetruthwolf watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­­­edu
  5. supportdisclosure says:
    @slayer11119 watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­­­edu
  6. supportdisclosure says:
    @anglyn70 watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­­­edu
  7. supportdisclosure says:
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  8. supportdisclosure says:
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  10. supportdisclosure says:
    @HustlerStateOfMind watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­­edu
  11. supportdisclosure says:
    @XRonin001 it exists.
  12. supportdisclosure says:
    @vapors420 watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­edu
  13. supportdisclosure says:
    @ChrisDutch watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=fe­edu
  14. supportdisclosure says:
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  15. supportdisclosure says:
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  16. supportdisclosure says:
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  17. supportdisclosure says:
    @6kittie6killuall6 watch?v=C38wRx2OcVo&feature=feedu
  18. supportdisclosure says:
    @rick182z Oh, and i suppose at 4:30 and past at this link is lightning. if you believe that, YOU’RE MAD!
    Or, maybe it’s CGid, all 6 videos of 8mins length (sped up 30x) that they post daily, with activity like that daily since last year at least.
  19. theintrovertedfishie says:
    hey reatrd, its pointed at any number of cities in canada, or the US. All the US cities you pointed out are hundreds of miles away from your bullshit line. It could also be pointing at many places on the yucutan peninsula. Also, if you continue the line long enough it will go right through several asian countries and russia.
  20. HailstormPhoenix says:
    It is not stupid to pose a question only to never ask one. Maybe you wouldn’t have so many conspiracy theorists if you didn’t have such an open, just and honest government huh? Are there naturally occuring earhquakes, of course, this is a living planet but are they ALL naturally occuring? I don’t care about the ones that are, I care about the ones that are not.
  21. drastaify says:
  22. COREYY57 says:
    wow u r so retarded sir or ma’am wut the heck ur a faggot
  23. legomandroid says:
    Please, please, please, this music annoys. Rights holder, please withdraw your irritating music!
  24. MrWestdene1972 says:
    @Bishop5466  sure sounds like Nothing Else Matters by the mighty Metallica
  25. Bishop5466 says:
    hey what song is this

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