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East Coast Economic Update for November 1st. 2009!

Special Thanks to behearsoon, Please subscribe to this channel: CIT Files for Bankruptcy: t – Bob Chapman hint at BofA collapse.:


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25 Responses to "East Coast Economic Update for November 1st. 2009!"

  1. alikokos says:
    the dollar and gold prediction you made. when was it for? cause it seems like this is whqat happened.
  2. RULI1974 says:
    im getting out of dodge, bud
  3. Kittenkattan says:
    I am in my 40′s as well. That’s why I am going to stand my ground here. I have been living below my means for 20 years now. It was tough going at the beginning, but I wouldn’t live any other way. Keep buying preious metals. They never go bad and they always hold their value.
  4. b5kalad says:
    By the way, I have been buying gold and leaving below my means to save and to purchase more gold.
  5. b5kalad says:
    thanks for the very quick feedback. I am 42.

    I love Israel but will probably stay here in the USA.

  6. Kittenkattan says:
    Hey B5kalad,
    The Unemployement rate in Israel is some where around 15%. I think I will stay here and move to the country (USA) .
    I think it is the safer and sainer bet at this point. If you’re young (under 35 years) I would move to Israel. I am a little too old to start a new.
  7. b5kalad says:
    Kittenkattan, are you planning to move to Israel anytime soon?? Some of my friends in Israel are begging my to relocate.

    Oh, by the way. I read and follow Harry S. Dent, Jr on the economy.

  8. CelticReject says:
    Gold worth more – dollar less and vice versa doesn’t always play out. Recently, both up!
  9. weseyedwalk says:
    Yep Obama and his boys are driving us to the grave on purpose, So they can take over the country. remember “never waste a good crisis” that bullshit they gave us. Why wasn’t America allowed to vote on the bailout, since it is our fucking money!!!!
  10. weseyedwalk says:
    Sam Walton (Walmart founder) is a traitor to America, and if Americans understood why I believe they would not shop there.
  11. aw3212 says:
    Actually SOME of their stuff is not bad and way cheaper, i.e. chicken. Of course its probably raised and slaughtered in an alley in China and rinsed off in a lead bath before being dragged in the dirt to the loading dock mixed in with raw fish and toys; but hey put it on the grill and its tasty!
  12. dollar4silver says:
    Haha, I see them too. I tested out Walmart Great Value brand mixed veg canned food last week. It SUCKs! We threw it away. Buy the better brands.
  13. aw3212 says:
    we have lost a lot in thius last year, but personally my marriage is stronger than ever.  I have to chukle a little when I see a lady with a giant ring and Lexus shopping at Walmart buying the Great value brand of everything. I agree to many bit off way more than they could chew, and our economy will crumble, not because of them, but because there are no more of them!
  14. Ruth2824 says:
    ALERT Please go to SuppressedNews 11-2-09 Please watch video Goldman Sachs Secretly bet on housing crash.  (webbot this maybe part of it)
    Wait till everyone hears this.
  15. chena3 says:
    cit ….the house of cards …has started to tumble
    there is not enough deficit spending on earth
    to stop the deflationary spiral
    of an overextended
    fractional reserve system… gone bad .

    ‘poor loan quality, subpar earnings, and uncertainty about future conditions raise questions about capital adequacy for some institutions.’ ….quote from FED somewhere …

  16. magbigblock says:
    Not being sarcastic at all – In fact, I really hope you’re correct. Forget the banks for a minute – how can we survive this without jobs and manufacturing? It just seems to me (an admitted dumbass) that this mess can’t sustain itself. Please respond in a polite way. :)
  17. magbigblock says:
    That’s kinda where I stand at the moment. I also don’t know how I feel at the moment – in some ways, I wish it would just collapse and get it over with, but on the other hand, (thankfully) I’m still employed at the moment. I’m not liking limbo-land so good right now. Time to get rid of the Madoff’s etal, and follow the Constitution. In my humble opinion, of course.
  18. magbigblock says:
    now I know where they went
    been dying to taste them…
  19. magbigblock says:
    Thanks, KK – I really appreciate you and others on here that dig thru the b*llshit. I have one co-worker that is now mildly awake. I try not to come off as “crazy”, but I think he sees my points and at least thinks about them now. God Bless you and your family.
  20. horsehorsehorse400 says:
    The New World Order Marxists want America to collapse so they can declare Martial Law and “fundamentally” change America. Forget economics. STORE FOOD. Get a Big Gun.
  21. smhutson says:
    I want to disagree about the timing. The money men want what Christmas sales that they can get. They are not going to blow out the holiday season. I have no doubt that the market will keep sliding down in the sawtooth fashion. Once the worse than ever imagined Christmas sales come back early next year, then things can “pop” so to speak. I don’t see them blowing up the economy so close to a payday for them.

    Thanks for the videos.

  22. Kittenkattan says:
    Your statement is valid. But, the “radical” option is what these Thieves want us to do. The only way we can stop from being robbed is to walk away from the game. We must return to an agrian lifestyle. Until we do that, we are still playing their game made by their rules and by engaging them in any type of violence, we continue the insanity that is “Modern Society”.
  23. TRUTHbe4yourEYES says:
    The reason why things are going to turn to shit is simple, our leaders and their friends are stealing everything, they are stealing every cent from this country, thats why it will turn bad, we are being completely stolen from, there is only one response to a theif but call me radical
  24. curiousEGM says:
    Question is will they? The common guy out there is not interested (smart) enough to understand how they have swept the raw sewage (incredibly bad loans by many, many banks) under the rug. In some way, the smell will become evident. If we get more bailouts, then we’ll see another sign of postponements. The only thing that will affect Main Street is a sudden collapse of the currency.
  25. nextdimensions says:
    But I don’t think we should try to capitalize on it and say we can use our BC as a credit account. I think we are at a point where we should look beyond the system and act as real live humans again, and forget the equity side they have designed for us. Yes we are the real backing for loans and they have used us, so we must reclaim our power again, but not within their deceitful system.

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